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Originally Posted by Titania View Post
If I could have given a read of you in my first post based on the couple of posts you had made, I would have. In the past I've tried to force myself to read you early and I'd be wrong so I don't want to make that mistake again. I've learned it's never helpful to make yourself give reads before you have enough to work with or you're ready to read the player. I don't know whether you're town or scum. You haven't done anything to make me lean either alignment for you.

If Kenny is scum, why would he buss his scummate by faking info on him in his first post?

Yes, there is irony since you don't post much either early game. If I hadn't commented on your post, you'd still only have one post.

What's a QT?

I'm not sure if this will make sense to you as it does to me but when I read Ziggler's first couple of posts where he showed disappointment that he wasn't scum, it reminded me of a Big Man post from a game long ago, I can't remember it, where he made that same type of post, like "Town again. " with his first post and he turned out to be town. I could be wrong about Ziggler but for now I'm thinking he's town. The smilie made the point come across.

Just vote for someone you find scummy. No one will likely come across as obvious scum to you yet since it's only Day 1 but by pressuring others with your vote and forcing them to interact with you, you can gain reads that way. Don't just do nothing and not vote because you're afraid of being wrong. Also understand that voting for someone doesn't mean you're sentencing them to death, esp. on Day 1, since this first phase normally ends with a no lynch.

Why softclaim your role, Paco? WHY?

Then why haven't you voted for him and what's your reasoning?

Vote Lawls
Post more so I have more to work with and so I can see if Faraday's theory is based on truth or fabrication.
Tat is definitely Town for this reason alone. She's obviously thought about it. Still unsure of Ziggler's alignment but i'm happy with Tat as Town for the above.

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