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Re: Royal Rumble 2013 Match Card Predictions

Originally Posted by Rocky Mark View Post
not an option , the match could happen at WM

I really doubt it's gonna be Rock/Punk for the title at RR , it's not smart booking to end a 300+ title reign just to set up Rock/Cena II (then again it is WWE so..)

I think Rock is gonna face a low profile wrestler at RR , not Punk or Cena , but possibly Big Show (sigh..) or Daniel Bryan (he did say that he is gonna wrestle the rock one day on the raw 1000) , so it's gonna be an obvious win for Rock

they are setting everything up for mania , they're not gonna waste a big match on the RR


you could be right and they in fact go with Rock/Punk at RR , in which Rock loses due to interference from BORK , setting up Rock/Lesnar at mania
your post doesn't make sense. You say its not smart to end a 300+ reign just to set up Cena vs Rock. Then how is it smart to end a 300+ reign just to set up Rock vs a low profile wrestler at RR?

Originally Posted by Reaper of Death View Post
Rock v Ryback winner Ryback
Sheamus v Ziggler winner Zigler
Royal Rumble winner Miz
Rock vs Ryback and Miz winning the Rumble. kill me now.

Not Removing Until:

John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

Sheamus and Cm Punk are the 2 World Champions [X] -Wrestlemania 28

John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]

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