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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by xzeppelinfootx View Post
BTW random thought i had last night. Could 17 be Lucky 13/tHURTeen? Of all the Gekidos out i'd most definitley like to see 17 back. But yea anyways on a related note do u think 13 was retail dragon. That guess being only cause hes doing the rollback driver these days. Thoughts?
I read on profightdb.com that he is Retail Dragon. It's a very reliable site and until I get proven otherwise I'm believing it. (same body type and all helps too) Don't think he's 17 however. 17 is taller iirc. I've given up on guessing on if GEKIDO are any form of past Chikara workers or workers already on the indie scene. They've got to be all new guys via the Wrestle Factory.

Yeah, we all expected Generico there simply because of Steen. That's not really an issue within Chikara. The final slot going to DONST is much more fitting to enhance the build. I could easily see Donst & Kingston surviving then Donst owning Kingston following to win the whole thing. Donst is my pick. Calling it now.

maybe we'll get swerved and Harlem Bravado would win it all. Biggest shocker since Carpenter Ant took home the W in 2009, haha.

That's too bad about Saturyne. Blow to the cards too. Was looking forward to see her bout vs Icarus. Still want a YLC defense for Touchdown too.

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