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Re: Oh, God. I might have to cook Thanksgiving.

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
So, in recent years, my family has just gone over to my sister's mother-in-law for Thanksgiving. While the food is good, the afternoon consists of my Dad not rolling his eyes while my sister's father-in-law talks about how important he is on the city's Board of Directors (he isn't. in 10 years, the only notable thing he's done is get censured for making ugly comments about the one Black lady on the Board). My mother and my sister's mother-in-law talk in backhanded compliments about each other's cooking, child-rearing, and church attendance. And I sit in an uncomfortable antique chair with a book, or wrangle my nieces.

We are not doing this in 2012, because my sister and her husband are getting divorced - making the current arrangement even more awkward than usual. So, I asked my mother what we were doing. She has never met a boxed dinner she could not ruin, my father (who does all the cooking) said he was too tired to do a big dinner, and my sister said that she was too stressed from getting divorced.

Thus. It falls to me. However, there is a problem. I, as a single, self-employed person with no roommates or children, am not at all qualified for cooking for more than one.

I may just tell them that I am protesting the oppression of indigenous people and we can order pizza. But probably not.

Do any of you have advice for cooking large meals for about 8 people?
My advice? Don't do it. Order out and pretend you cooked it. Are they meat eaters? If so, and if you're determined to do it yourself, cook a roast, loads of vegetables (buy pre-cut I prefer fresh, but you can go with frozen too - if you need to save time) and have side dishes like olives, pickles, coleslaw, oven-baked dressing. Whatever you choose, it's better to make too much than not enough. Oh, and you`ve never done so before, do not try to tackle a turkey,

True story, I tried to make Thanksgiving dinner myself once. I bought a turkey, invited friends and family over...what could go wrong? My turkey was white pale as raw and fell apart when I tried to lift it out of the cooking pan. No one trusts me to cook anything anymore, they just skip over me when assigning what to prepare and bring to group meals. Actually, that`s not a such a bad thing. Maybe attempting a turkey worked out rather well in the end.
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