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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

So after the fact a lot of people's justification for being elated by Obama's victory seems to be "He's not Mitt Romney!". Isn't that what people (rightly so) criticized Romney supporters for doing, only supporting Romney for not being Obama despite his actual policies not being particularly clear? Also, wasn't Obama primarily celebrated in 2008 for not being Bush or McCain (who the media painted as Bush 2.0, which is hilarious considering Obama's presidency has been a continuation of Bush's policies)? When are we going to select a leader based on his actual stances on the issues that matter instead of everyday Americans getting involved in media-constructed vendettas none of us have any reason to be involved in?

Honestly, Romney is a democrat's kind of Republican. Supports big government. Created the blueprint for Obamacare and passed it in Mass. as governor. Follows the Keynesian (government spending = economic growth) model of economics which Democrats champion.

Meanwhile, regarding foreign policy, Obama might as well be a fucking neo-con. Ramped up the drone strikes in several countries (most of which we are not at war with making them ILLEGAL military actions), got us involved in more foreign wars, is eyeing another in Syria, tripled our military presence in Afghanistan, continues his rhetoric about being a global force for good meaning more nation building in the Middle East using money we don't have while our economy at home is in shambles. Then there's the extension of the PATRIOT act he campaigned against and signing the NDAA allowing any American citizen to be detained indefinitely without due process.

There wasn't a real choice in the 2012 election, and Obama is an awful president. He inherited a bad economy in 2008, and has put out highly questionable numbers suggesting it MIGHT be getting better. Meanwhile he's ramped up our aggressive neo-con foreign policy and has attacked our civil liberties more than any president prior. But then again, he is friends with Jay-Z, and his wife does seem nice.

Rand Paul 2016

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