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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by RKO920 View Post
Is this overtraining for bis & tris? My mass has gone up since I started this, but I feel like I am overtraining.
-4 sets of hammer curls at 40 LB'S
-4 sets of straight curls with dumbbells at 35 LBS'
-4 sets of preacher curls on 20 LB'S
-5 sets of straight bar curls, at 42.5, 57.5, 65.5, then 72.5, and then 15 until I fail
-3 sets of single arm curls with a cable on 10,15,20 LB's
-15 LB dumbbell curls until I fail
-3 sets of the excerise where you put the weight (dumbbell) behind your head and lift (IDK THE NAME) at 70,75,80
-4 sets of dips
-4 sets of tricep pulldowns at 42.5, 57.5, 65.5, then 72.5, and then 15 LB's until I fail
-4 sets of tricep extentions on the machine where you pull down with various weights.
-4 sets of single arm tricep pulldowns with 10, 15, & 20 LBS.
Then I usually do about 15 minutes of cardio after, then some abs if I feel like it.
You are lifting too light and you're flying all around everything without much direction. Here are some tips by which i work that gave me the best results on my body personally.

1. When working a certain body part, i.e. biceps, do a maximum of 3-4 different exercises for them in a single workout. If you still feel like you got strenght/will power after you've gone through all of them do slow close grip muscle ups, they will drain whatever you've got left in your body.

2. Do the first set of an exercise with lighter weight, 15-20 reps to warm up your muscles and joints.

3. Then do 3 sets, 10 reps with the 80% of your max. weight

4. Now finish it off with two sets with 90% of your max. weight by doing each set unitl failure. There's no given rep count that must do, just squeeze everything you got left out. Now remember, those 2 last sets are what will push your body forward so make sure you use everything you got in them.

There are many fans and equally many opponents of working out until failure. For me personally working til failure always gave me the best results. Only downside i've ever experienced from it is that you can get emotinally drained and lacking motivation after some time of doing it without rest. So make sure you keep your head in check and listen to your body. If you feel like you're having your mojo drained, take a day of rest. That day can mean a world both for your mental state and your exercises in the days ahead.
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