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Default Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
whats that supposed to mean?
Originally Posted by JasonLives View Post
That its a portion of the world the majority doesnt give a shit about.
Simple reason why US media doesnt cover it. American lives arent being wasted so its not interesting anymore, not even for the public.

The worlds reaction is usually this:

500 people killed in a drone attack in the middle east = Yawn. What else is on tv.
50 people in a terrorist attack in the US/Europe = Holy shit! That is horrible!

I dont LIKE it being bombed since it just leads to a lot of immigration ( Got enough of that! ) but I really dont care for that portion of the world.
A lot of people do care but they are in the minority here.

The world is a fucked up place. People these days have much more important things to worry about then some people living out in the desert halfway across the world. Better to just deal with it and live a good life.
He's trying to tell you what we all know Redead,The majority of the world don't care if people keep dying in the middle east to most people living in Europe or Australia or America any so called "3rd world country" can rot and its people lives are just less important or even not important at all.I know its disgusting how apathetic some westerns are but there's not much you can do but play along and feel good about how good you are about the fact that you care for all humans from every location.When 9/11 happened I was disgusted and felt great shame and when Japan got hit last year I was devastated,Thats just me atleast I know people who don't give a hoot about this kind of stuff and think they're cool because of how apathetic they are.
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