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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Monday Night Raw Results
Jan 17, 2011 | Little Rock, Arkansas

We open up the broadcast with a video package highlighting everything that went down last week - Everything from Punk defeating Henry, Gabriel and Slater becoming the number one contenders to SantiKozlov, Tyson Kidd and Jackson Andrews taking out the legendary Jim Neidhart, and Randy Orton overcoming Sheamus and Wade Barrett to solidify his title shot at The Miz at The Royal Rumble. We then go live in to the Verizon Center in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas, where we are welcomed by the "old but new" commentary duo of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Opening up the show - None other than The Apex Predator, Randy Orton. To a very positive reception, Randy makes his way down to the ring and takes a microphone. Orton says that last week not only did he defeat two of the toughest men in professional wrestling today, he also prematurely signed the death certificate of The Miz's WWE title reign - The very same WWE title that he stole from Orton through the use of the Money In The Bank briefcase. The third generation superstar then continues to berate The Miz's cowardly ways, until The Champion and his protege interrupt and bounce on to the stage. Mizanin says that all Orton is is a hypocrite. This is the very same man that punted elderly men in the head, RKO'd a defenceless woman infront of her handcuffed and helpless husband among other things. Orton says that those days are far behind him - He was an egomaniac, but after seeing The Miz run around with his WWE Championship, it's put everything in to perspective. Orton then says that he still hasn't lost the aggressiveness and ruthlessness that brought him to the dance in the first place, and he is more than willing to unleash all of that aggression and ruthlessness on The Miz, right here tonight!

Mizanin and Riley share a slightly worried look, until the Champion scoffs at Orton's "fickle attempt" at trying to goat The Awesome One in to the ring. The Miz says that he will have to wait his turn to get his hands on him, as he is already booked in a match tonight. However, if Orton is so eager to get in the, then The Miz can organise a match for Randy tonight with the perfect opponent... ALEX RILEY! Orton instantly has a HUGE grin on his face, as opposed to Riley's face of shock and horror, just gazing right at The Miz. The Champion then leaves the stage, leaving Orton in the ring, relishing his opportunity tonight.

Before we go to commercial break, JR and Lawler hype up tonight's show - A special look at Cena's Royal Rumble training. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater square off against The Uso Brothers. An update on the condition of Jim Neidhart after the beating he suffered last week. Wade Barrett will square off against John Morrison ahead of the Royal Rumble and the WWE Champion will be in action. On top of all of that, as just announced, Randy Orton will square off against Alex Riley.


"The Queen Of Wrestling" SARA DEL REY - Coming to the WWE, soon!

Match One | Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. The Uso Brothers
The WWE Tag Team Champions, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, join JR and The King at commentary to provide some "very itneresting" commentary for this match. It's as one sided as a six minute match can be, with The Usos show hints of dominance but nothing groundbreaking, whereas the Nexus duo throw their whole arsenal at the Samoan twins. It's basic tag team wrestling, with Slater and Gabriel splitting the ring in half and making frequent tags, putting a beating on Jimmy Uso. Eventually, Jimmy makes the tag to Jey, but Jey's burst of energy is shortlived as The One Man Band low lows Jey, whilst Gabriel distracts the referee. From there, Slater drills Jey with the leaping Reverse STO before The South African connects with the phenomenal 450 Splash
Winners: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater via Pinfall @ 6:43

After the match, Heath and Justin roll to the outside where the referee raises their arms... But out of nowhere THEY LEAP OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE and begin to pound on the unprepared Champions, who stil wear their commentary headsets on their heads! The challengers but a serious beating on the Champions, as JR and King get the hell out of the way. After they've done their bit, the duo waltz over to the time keeper's table and snatch the tag titles, raising them high in to the air, before dropping them on to the grounded and beaten champions.

Backstage we see Natalya Neidhart walking down the corridor towards the ring, carrying her Divas Championship proudly over her shoulder. JR and Lawler say that the Divas Champion will be up, next!


Narrator: Success...

A split screen of every single championship belt in the WWE, all of which are resting on a spotlighted, silk pillow stool

Success can be measured through a list of accomplishments...

Slow motion shots of The Miz raising his newly won WWE title in the air after cashing in his money in the bank briefcase - "WE HAVE A NEW WWE CHAMPION"

Success can be measured through achieving your dreams...

A shot of Rey Mysterio winning his first World Title at Wrestlemania 22 with Michael Cole screaming over the top - "BY GOD, REY MYSTERIO HAS DONE IT!"

Or success can be measured through the legacy that you forge...

A shot of the final Tombstone on Shawn Michaels at last year's Wrestlemania, as The Undertaker extends his undefeated streak even further - "TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, IN THE GREATEST MATCH OF ALL TIME"

All we know is...

An extreme slow motion of John Cena lifting Dave Batista on to his shoulders in preparation for the Attitude Adjustment - "HE'S GONNA' DO IT... JOHN CENA...!


The slow motion shot is still there, but this time it's John Cena actually slamming Wade Batista down to the canvas - "HE NAILS IT! IT'S GOTTA BE OVER! 1...2...3!"

Is Certain.

When Batista smashes the canvas, the slow motion instantly transitions in to fast paced shots, whilst the instrumental of Detroit Rapper, Royce Da 5'9's song, Legendary, plays.

Michael Cole:

Quickfire clips of Randy Orton RKOing Ted DiBiase, Rey Mysterio 619'ing CM Punk, CM Punk grabbing the Money In The Bank Briefcase and Kane Chokeslamming Chavo Guerrero - All from Wrestlemanias passed

Jim Ross:

More speedy clips - This time of the infamous Edge spearing Jeff Hardy in the TLC match, Shawn Michaels drilling Kurt Angle with a Sweet Chin Music, and finally... The legendary staredown between The Rock and Hulk Hogan

Vince McMahon:

The package ends with the image of Rock and Hogan fading in to a beautiful view of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta - The arena that will play host to Wrestlemania 27. The Wrestlemania 27 logo then fades in over the top, as does the sound of a raucous crowd chanting "THIS IS AWESOME" along with the subsequent claps, before we fade to black.


April 3, 2011
The Georgia Dome | Atlanta, Georgia
Success Is Certain




When we return, Natalya Neidhart makes her way down to the ring and she seems to be in a ferocious mood. She snatches a microphone and instantly calls out Tyson Kidd and Jackson Andrews - She says that she doesn't care that they may be bigger and stronger than she is and she doesn't care if her and Kidd were in a relationship in the past - If they lay a finger on her family, then they will pay. Nattie then slams the microphone in to the mat and drops her belt at ringside, awaiting the arrival of Tyson and Jackson...

Eventually they come out and walk down to the ring with all sorts of swagger and confidence, but Natalya doesn't back down one bit. The two enter the ring and stand either side of Natalya, who seems to have swam far past her depth, but she still doesn't back down. She then shoves Kidd in the chest, literally screaming at the top of her voice at her ex-boyfriend, for attacking her father backstage last week and putting him in a hospital bed. She then turns around and SLAPS Jackson Andrews! From behind, Kidd then grabs Nattie by the hair shouts obsceneties and hurls abuse at a now helpless Natalya. Andrews restrains the Divas Champion by holding her arms, as Kidd backs off and prepares for a superkick straight to the jaw of Natalya...

BUT DAVID HART SMITH SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP! The son of the late great British Bulldog slides in to the ring and dump tackles Kidd, before raining down with stiff shots to his former partner. The two then roll out of the ring and continue their brawl in to the crowd, as Jackson Andrews chases to help his friend.

Meanwhile, Natalya gets back on to her feet and dusts herself off, as she looks on helplessly at the fight that has ensued in the arena, which is now high in the stands - There is nothing she can do about it now... She turns around to pick up her title belt... BUT MELINA IS THERE! The number one contender to Natalya's Divas Championship at The Royal Rumble LEVELS THE CHAMPION WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE TEMPLE! The crowd are shitting all over Melina, who is heartlessly taking advantage of Natalya's focus understandably being directed towards a much more personal issue. The Papparazzi Princess then picks up Nattie and sends her back down with her signature move, The Primal Scream.

Melina then picks up a microphone and says that Natalya should stop worrying about her own personal Jerry Springer episode, and should instead worry about the greatest Divas in the WWE, and the woman that will take the title away from her with ease at The Royal Rumble - Melina. Her music then hits as she exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp with a huge grin on her face, proud of her accomplishments, as Natalya only just seems to be coming around.

Elsewhere, Matt Striker is standing by with Wade Barrett. Striker asks Barrett about last week, and then his match with John Morrison tonight. The Englishman says that he has no excuse about losing last week, but he has a chance to make up for lost time at The Royal Rumble, by being the last man standing and main eventing Wrestlemania. Wade says that all Orton did by winning last week was delaying the inevitable, and that is him becoming the WWE Champion. Before Barrett can continue, CM Punk walks on to the set. The two Nexus members pat each other on the back and exchange their greetings, before CM Punk speaks.

Punk asks Wade if he can correct him. He says that all Orton did by winning last week was delaying the inevitable of the Nexus as a collective unit, holding the WWE Championship - Whether it be Wade, Punk himself, David Otunga or anybody else. All that can be guaranteed is that come the conclusion of Wrestlemania, the Nexus will be in possession of the WWE Championship and there's not a thing Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, John Cena or the lord himself can do about it. The two then laugh, before walking off set.


Match Two | The Miz vs. William Regal
We knew the result before the bell even rang, but that doesn't stop the match it's self being an absolute treat to watch. The wily veteran instincts of William Regal versus the fresh, young, cocky and brash tendancies of the WWE Champion provides for a very interesting and gripping dynamic, in a match that saw the Blackpool born brawler get a fair amount of offence in - Showcasing his rough and tumble striking game as well as his clean and precise matwork. Meanwhile, the WWE Champion used his speed and agility to gain somewhat of an advantage, but as you would expect, it is is the dirty and underhanded tactics that the WWE Champion is famous for using that gains him the distinct advantage. The Awesome One sneakily pokes Regal in the eye whilst the referee was inadvertently knocked down by an accidental shoulder tackle from William. From there, The Miz softened Regal up for Skull Crushing Finale, and he ventually hit it for the three count.
Winner: The Miz via Pinfall @ 10:11

Following the match, The Miz grasps his WWE Championship and exits the ring, until the anonymous General Manager's e-mail alarm goes off, where Jerry Lawler stands up and reads the e-mail. The anonymous General Manager congratulated on the victory, albeit through despicable circumstances. Despite losing this match, William Regal will be entered in to The Royal Rumble for his heroic efforts in tonight's match, a match that he could well have won had The Miz not cheated. That announcement gets a lot of cheers from the crowd, as a small Regal chant breaks out. Lawler then continues by saying that should The Miz cheat his way to victory at The Royal Rumble, even if the referee doesn't see it, the anonymous GM will reverse the decision and award the title to Randy Orton! To close the E-mail, the General Manager says - "Miz, if you want to prove your worth as the WWE Champion, you must overcome Randy Orton he hard way. It's time to put up, or shut up". The crowd pops big time, as The Miz's pissed off face tells the whole story.

We then get a video package, promoting the WWE's next Pay-per-View Extravaganza - THE ROYAL RUMBLE - 30th Jan, 2011


When we return, we are in the Medic's room where Natalya is clutching the back of her head and holding an icepack against it. All of a sudden, we hear the door open and David Hart Smith's arms are draped over two medic's, who are dragging Hart's battered and beaten corpse in to the room, laying him on the bed next to Nattie. The Divas Champion instantly drops her ice pack and rushes over to her unconscious best friend, bursting through the crowd of Medics and Doctors. Natalya is panicking, screaming in fact, as it is obvious that the numbers game caught up with Smith.

Match Three | John Morrison vs. Wade Barrett
A nifty little match between the Nexus member and The Prince Of Parkour. Barrett's size, strength and sheer brutality vs. Morrison's speed, agility and unorthodox style. The match gets a decent amount of time to allow both men to get their shit in and impress everybody, especially Morrison who showcases his athleticism and parkour influences. However, he just falls short, after Barrett ducks an attempted Corkscrew Crossbody off of the top rope from Morrison, who crashes and burns on the hard canvs. Wade then takes advantage and is quick to pick JoMo up for the Wasteland, and nail it for the three count.
Winner: Wade Barrett via Pinfall : 10:59

We then fade to a video package featuring John Cena. It covers his feud with The Nexus over the past past six months, culminating in the beatdown he suffered at the hands of the group, including the newly appointed member, CM Punk. It then fades to a gym, where Cena is working extremely hard. Quickfire shots are shown of him doing many different exercises, from deadlifts and squats to running in the mountain. We also see clips of Cena sparring with training partners, mixed in with him watching previous Royal Rumble matches to prepare even more. The final shot is an extreme close up of Cena, who says that at The Royal Rumble... He guarantees that not only will he make sure that none of the member of The Nexus win the match, but he will win the match himself and once again, headline Wrestlemania and win the World title.


When we return from the final commercial break of the broadcast, the camera is in the locker room of the Nexus, where CM Punk is standing in the forefront. Punk says that the video package was just saw was very cute, but no amount of weight lifting and mountain training can defeat craftiness, cunning and superior intelligence - All of which Punk has, on top of outstanding wrestling skills to boot. Punk says that tonight is a perfect example of why John Cena can simply not defeat the Nexus, with Slater and Gabriel winning their match, and Barrett just winning his match. To close the segment, Punk then blows a kiss to the camera, and tells John Cena that he'll see him at The Rumble. The Chicagoan then pushes the camera and cameraman out of the room, before slamming the door, before we cut to ringside for our final match.

Match Four | Main Event | Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley
You want the definition of a glorified squash? Well you've got it with this match. A-Ry has been thrown in to the lion's den for this one, and the lion is enjoying every single moment of it. Orton is relentless in his attack and even though he could have won the match within the first two minutes, he continues to put a beatdown on the WWE Champion's protoge, just to prove a point it seems. The Viper beats the piss out of Riley inside of the ring and on the outside, slamming the youngster in to the barricade, the ring apron, the steel turnbuckle, the announcers booth and the steel steps. The ending comes when Orton slams Riley's head in to the mat with the rope-assisted DDT, followed by a emphatic RKO for a very convincing victory for the #1 contender.
Winner: Randy Orton via Pinfall @ 6:02

Following the match, Orton mounts the second rope and does his usual Legend Killer pose... UNTIL THE MIZ SMASHES HIM AROUND THE BACK WITH A STEEL CHAIR! THE WWE CHAMPION AMBUSHES THE VIPER WITH BRUTAL STEEL CHAIR SHOTS, BEFORE TARGETING THE LEFT ANKLE OF ORTON! The Awesome One continues to crash the unforgiving steel chair on the ankle of Randy, who is yelping in pain. After half a dozen of relentless shots, The Miz drills Orton in the forehead with the chair, seemingly knocking him out. The Champion then flattens the chair out and sticks Orton's left ankle through the chair... BEFORE CLIMBING TO THE TOP ROPE AND DOUBLE FOOT STOMPING THE CHAIR, ENCASING ORTON'S ANKLE! ORTON'S ANKLE HAS TO BE BROKEN! HOW WILL HE COMPETE AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE?!



January 30th, 2011
TD Garden | Boston Massachussets

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Beth Phoenix vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. Kaval vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Wade Barrett vs. William Regal 18 Other Superstars

WWE Divas Championship
Natalya (C) vs. Melina

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (C) vs. Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Championships
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (C) vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater ( N )

WWE Championship
The Miz (C) vs. Randy Orton


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