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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Malenko is awful unless he's working sub 10 minute mat contests with Norman Smiley or La Parka. Minute the match gets past 10 minutes and he has to make his submissions part of a story to develop a flow/story in the match is when it all goes to shreads. I can't tell you how many matches of his I watched for the WCW poll and how good they could have been if he'd have strung a half interesting and compelling control segment.

The aforementioned Smiley match fucking rules though, and its on youtube.
Yay, there's someone else out there who thinks Malenko sucks. Malenko is your typical bland, boring and completely devoid of a personality wrestler. He makes excuses for his lacking of being interest by trying to sell himself as some technical god in the ring. What I'm saying is that the guy just done a bunch of submissions that have no impact on the match or even tell a story.

Here's another guy you guys can give me shit for, Lance Storm. He fucking sucks. There I said it. Why does he suck? See Malenko. Another boring ass wrestling trying to make up for his boring-ness by trying to impress with his knowledge of holds. If only he knew how to properly work a match and make those holds have meaning.

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