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Re: World's Biggest Numpty Try-Outs: Gene Wilder

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
I felt old not knowing what numpty meant, but then again I've kept my mouth shut about "gotten to," "rustling jimmies," etc. I just shrugged and accepted the fact that I'm more out of touch than Vince.

Might hire one of you to be my slang educator.
"Gotten to' must've started when I was on one of my extended holidays from here. I came back and a bunch of people were saying it. I remember when you could threaten to murder someone and wouldn't be hit with this "gotten to" horse shit. It's the dirt fucking worst and should be abolished.

IDK what "rustling jimmes" is. Must be a new thing. Fuck it.

"Numpty" is nothing like that bullshittery. I'm old and cantankerous and I've been calling cunts numpties for 25 years. Numpty isn't some faggy internet slang. My old man used to tell me he invented the word. He's a lying scumbag and I'm probably going to burn his house down one of these days, but it's pretty much a guarantee that some other foul-mouthed Scotsman invented it several millennia ago when we were invading Austria or Poland or Egypt.

The word "numpty" is one of the main reasons I'm proud to wear a kilt and shoot cows in the testicles with paintball guns (aka be a Scotsman).
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