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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by jblvdx View Post
How is a man who only says feed me more believable in any sense of the word? imagine someone who hasn't watched wrestling before and seeing a jacked up grown man lifting his arms up and down shouting FEED ME MORE over and over again. They would think its ultra lame and stupid and only lends to more evidence as to why wrestling isn't cool anymore.

fresh? even though we saw the exact same character done a million times better 13 year ago?

And if WWE intends to have him as a maineventer in the future he will have to work over 15 min matches damn near every week, and if WWE don't even trust him to work 3 mins on TV and 10 mins on PPV, EVEN THOUGH HE HAS BEEN IN WWE DEVELOPMENTAL FOR 8 FUCKING YEARS! then what the hell can you do with him? what more help can he possibly need?

Sooner or later he'll be horribly exposed and WWE will give up on him. I guarantee it. Its happened before with dozens of big men, nothing leads me to believe Ryback will be an exception.
How is a short junkie looking guy who says he's the best in the world believable when his manager looks more intimidating than him?

How is a guy in jorts and colorful t-shirts who cuts some of the most ridiculous promos and gets shit on by half the crowd every night believable?

How is a guy who pretends to be dead believable?

How is a guy who talks in the third person and constantly tries to get shit trending on twitter believable?

How is a guy with a larger than usual nose who constantly references his dick believable?

You really want to go that route? Ryback hasn't exactly set the world on fire but he has appeal. He may not appeal to you but that doesn't mean that he can't appeal to others. I'm not completely sold on him but I'm not going to shit all over him because he's getting a chance. You whine and bitched for how long about Punk never getting a chance. Now other people are getting chances and suddenly it's a horrible thing that should never happen. Stop crying. If you're so certain Ryback is going to fail then wait it out and he'll be gone in a couple of months. What's the problem?
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