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WF MAFIA (Day 5)

UnDeFeatedKing was walking around for no apparent reason when he tripped over a stick. He somehow managed to die. How you die from tripping on a stick I do not know, but I did it so there.

He was:
0. Town, Moron- UnDeFeatedKing

For some reason you thought putting random caps in your name was a good idea. You also managed to die from tripping on a stick. Yeah, you're quite the fucking retard and as such you will die before the game even starts. Yeah, that's how awful you are.
^^^This means no bitching about me being harsh towards you in the PM. If you take anything I say to heart then you should stop playing mafia.

*Note: ALL ROLES WERE RANDOMIZED. I made the flavours match the roles, not select the roles for a person and the flavour.


3. Big Man
4. Evo - Revived
9. Anark
10. Stone Cold 4 Life Hank Scorpio
11. tat
12. Bully
15. Faraday
17. Skyfall
18. RevolverSnake Scrilla
21. Doc
23. Paco
24. dan


1. Kenny - Tracker
5. lawls- 3 shot cop
6. Mikey - 1 shot cop
13. TKOK - Vengeful Townie
14. Rising - Town Mason
19. taylor-mason
20. MDP-town drunk
22. Ziggler - Martyr

7. Cloverleaf
8. LadyCroft


1. McQueen
2. Lawls
3. TaylorFitz
4. MDP


Day 1
Night 1
Day 2- No lynch.
Night 2
Night 3 They Killed Kenny!
Day 4 Mikey Lynched
Night 4 Multiple Deaths for town


1. Don't be a douchebag. Seriously, keep personal insults to a minimum. Critize play, not the player.(LOL I don't give a fuck)
2. Do not directly quote, screenshot or paste your role PM in the thread. This will get you modkilled.
3. Day phases will last anywhere between 24-30 hours, depending on activity.
4. Night phases will last between 18-24 hours. This is enough time to get your role in.
5. The town alignment is Town or maybe nothing at all. I forgot to add town to some of them, so they aren't all the same and I don't suggest trying to determine whose town by looking at PM structure. You can try, but it won't help. I also might mod kill you if you're successful, so I don't recommend it.
6. The town Win Condition is "You win when all threats to the Town have been eliminated, and at least one Town player is alive." No one actually received this win condition. Yeah.
7. All role PMs explain what your role can or cannot do with the exception of voting. Every role can vote, unless stated otherwise.
8. Concerning number 7, if you have any questions regarding your PM, direct them to myself or Shepard. Or both.
9. There is no restriction as to when you can or cannot claim your role.
10. Please have fun, and keep any criticism until after the game has completed. Also note that I will give zero fucks about any criticism.

SEND ALL NIGHT ROLES TO ME AND SHEPARD. I will probably be busy this weekend as I'm going home, after that I should be completely fine with hosting but until then make sure you send all roles to both of us.

If you didn't receive a role PM me.

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