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Re: When Attitude started to rub the mainstream the wrong way

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Actually I posted the same thread with this footage some months ago. I liked the I don't give a fuck attitude of Vince here where he mocks the soccer moms and the PC police. Sadly, he has become what he made fun of.
I really hope that things will change after Linda has lost now but this will not happen.
To have the real feeling of the AE you need the society like in the late nineties. The society has changed
Now that you mention it, I think I recall the thread but it didn't enter my mind when posting.

These clips are a nice snapshot of that era. This Vince McMahon may very well still exist underneath all the political correctness needed ever since the Benoit murder/suicide and more recently Linda's senate run.

I think people saying that "No way will it ever be edgy like it was before" are not being open minded enough. I don't think Vince has really changed one bit. He's always been very defensive and confrontational about criticism of his empire.

Look at society today. It's even more down the drain in terms of morality, human decency, sociability, and more to the point - boundaries pushed on television and no-boundaries on the internet. Not that I'm against it really, a lot of it just mirrors reality anyhow (teen sex and drug use on TV for instance).

Even if wrestling pushed TV boundaries to their limits, they'd have nothing on some of the content on the internet that Little Billy and Jimmy access on a daily basis, or the realistic next gen video games centered around murdering people and fucking prostitutes. Not all of that was widely available in '99 although sure it was there in a smaller capacity.

I'm with McMahon in this video. It's time to tell the irresponsible parents of the world to fuck off and change the damn channel if they don't want Little Jimmy watching TV-14 Wrestling.

I think they should give us adults a full blown TV-MA wrestling show! Really why the fuck not? They have NXT and all those other B-shows, why not give adults an alternative since ECW went away?

There's a thread in WWE main section about this that I agree with.
If there was ever a time to do something radical and different, it's now after Linda's senate loss which was a situation in which everyone was losing.

Many have seen the .gif of his reaction to Linda's speech on her loss. He's in shambles! He's probably mega pissed about what a waste it's all been. McMahon may just surprise everyone and revamp the product in some major way that brings at least some Attitude or Ruthless Aggression back.

What's there to lose?



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