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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

How can anyone possibly have fun online on this game..

First match was against a 100 Overall Goldberg (Didn't realise that Customs were allowed when searching) so I went the AE Taker hoping to have enough bulk to take a few hits.. Got into the match and instantly he was sprinting and Spearing me. Got up, Spear. Up again, Spear... Up again, Spear.. Stay down a little this time, he just starts taunting, so I get up again.. Spear, random Neckbreaker and then Jackhammer.. This happened until about 5 Jackhammers and countless Spears later when I finally just gave up and let him get the win.. I'd had a total of about 6 hits in all game.

For some reason I just couldn't counter that damn Spear.. No matter how early I tried to reverse it, it would say 'Too Late' and then he'd be picking me up for the next set of them..

Second game I turned off Created Content and tried again...

Tag Team.

Opponents using Kane and Undertaker.
My team using The Rock (Me) and Mankind.

Pretty much the exact same damn thing as last match except that it was Takers DDT this time. Partner sat Taunting all match, not doing anything else to help at all as I got the crap beaten out of me... Countered Hells Gates about 4 times but it didn't steal the Finisher and after about 5 mins of just getting DDT'd I just gave up and let the guy get the pin only to get called a Noob by my team-mate..

I just don't get how people can enjoy doing the same move until they get a finisher and then if they don't get the Pin just doing it some more.. I get that it works and all but I just don't see how it could be in any way fun..
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