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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

A Nightmare Review:

Taken a little hiatus from this place but im back so heres a live review.

Daniels promo to kick off the show was awesome! I frickin loved it just everything about it was great. Much better then the one last week (I think it was last week.)

EY vs Pope was alright, Nothing special a nice victory for EY though. Gotta say World Elite just bored the crap out of me back in the day so hopefully you can make me a fan of them. Looking forward to the four way iron man match, Good luck writing that one.

Shark Boy randomly being taken out by Matt Morgan did nothing for me. Shark Boy was always crap and never important plus Morgan is more than double his size, To me at least it meant nothing for the giant to take out Sharky. Poor Sharky though.

Kaz vs Daniels, Going into this episode I thought this would be our main event but I was sadly mistaken. This match seemed too short, None the less it was good for what we got.

Really looking forward to reading Angle vs Wolfe round 2. Loved this feud back in the day and love the way your booking it too.

Knockouts tag match was just...there. I mean it was less then a paragraph long. I wish you made this match longer and gave us a ton more detail for it. But hoping Tara moves onto a feud with Kim or Kong next.

That segment with Raven was brilliant! I even thought he was the one who had jumped and was hanging wow man he is a sick and twisted dude! Wondering how long until Sting reacts to him.

Pope saving Hernandez from being taken out was nice. Abyss in the TV Title match at the PPV? Bit of a surprise I thought this was heading towards Pope vs Abyss in monsters ball or something like that. Wouldn't mind seeing Abyss pick up the victory and win the TV Title.

Main event time here we go Styles vs Angle! Well...that was a big let down. We get a third match tonight either not taking place or ending without a clean finish. I felt this was a bad move to do for the main event, Even more so with this happening for the third time tonight.

Overall a little bummed out by this episode man. You had a ton of PPV build up which was great to see but the matches themselves were let downs and cause of how short they all were this show did not seem like a 2 hour show. Still a fan of your work though so hopefully this was a one time thing.

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