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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Didn't watch the match(Murray/Djokovic) but I heard it was a good match.

I find it silly that someone said that these two players will play in the final, that's ridiculous. There is no guarantee that Murray and Djokovic will play in the final. Ruling out the defending champion and probably the best indoor player of all time is just ridiculous. Plus there are guys like Ferrer, Del Potro who are very capable of beating the Top guys.

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
Wow, that was a great match. Shocked to see Nole being so motivated, tbh.
If he wins it, it can give him a lot of points. Plus it is a very important tournament so I am not really surprised that he is motivated. He only won this tournament once so he would try to win this tournament more times.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
Never said their entirely defensive. I said their PRIMARILY DEFENSIVE, which Djokovic, Murray, Nadal are. Of course they are capable of playing aggressive tennis and sometimes do in matches, but most times they are defensive. They are at the top because they are the most coonsistent players, and also the courts today are really slow which benefits defensive players. Murray,Nadal and Djokovic wouldn't have done so well if the courts were at the same speed as they were in the 90's for example. And it works the other way of course. And plsu you forgot to mention Nadal at the top . He's still a top player.

You prefer a different style of tennis than i do, which is fine. Everyone has different tastes. I like attacking tennis, which is the main reason why Tsonga is my favourite player. He's very aggressive, and when it works, it's a treat to watch. Shvedova likewise (although not as much as Jo), and so is Del Po in a way (He's not ass aggresive as Tsonga, but he's primarily offensive)
If I am not wrong, in 2008 Murray was more of an aggresive player.
There is no doubt that Djokovic and Murray are primarily defensive players but they are capable of playing aggresive tennis.
I don't really enjoy their matches but that is mainly because I don't like defensive tennis, it is a matter of opinion tbh.

Also I want to say that Federer's defensive skills are underrated imo.

Originally Posted by NJ88 View Post
I can't class him as a top player at the moment because...he isn't playing

Besides, the guys been away for six months or so now. How he plays when he returns is another story, he'll take a bit of time to get back to match fitness and play as well as he did (if he can play as well as he did) it took Del Potro over a year and he's still not quite there, but we'll see how he plays when he's back.

I was rooting for Tsonga in that match but he completely fell appart in that final set. I thought he would build on his momentum for the second set but he didn't. Berdych played well. I think he'll test Djokovic but he wont win (unless Djokovic isn't trying 100% as he's pretty much through) and Murray will beat Tsonga based on both of their form right now.
It will definitely take time for Nadal to recover but I expect him to still stay in the top 4.

If Berdych and Murray both win...who goes through?
That's quite complicated. If Berdych and Murray both win. Djokovic, Murray and Berdych would have won 2 matches and lost 1. So I am not sure who will go through.
I doubt that will happen though, Djokovic should be able to beat Berych.

Tommorow, Federer to win in 2, Del Potro to win in 2.

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