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Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post

Don't you remember her epic scream when she was told Vegeta died? It was award winning. and she's the reason Vegeta was able to reach level 4. She was an important character.
Vegeta may have loved Bulma but mostly loved her for her amazing rack and breasts,But I refuse to believe Bulma loved Vegeta.That bitch just wanted the baddest meanest toughest guy around and at that time it was Vegeta and she switched from Yamcha to Vegeta not to mention she thinks she can persuade men with her sluttyness which makes me sick I despise it when women think men are weak little fuckers who do anything for vagina.Not to mention the bitch has an attitude so vile I might just smack a bitch if she dares walk up to me.

Originally Posted by Hybird View Post
Personally, I never really hated Bulma, sometimes her character was worth being there.that being said, she could easily annoy the unholy he'll out of me.
Yeah she was pretty important,Though that still doesn't change the fact that she was the personification of the word cunt.

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
Probably more so in DB, in DBZ it was Chi Chi. LOL always acting up when she knew Goku was the only one that save the earth. And having Gohan locked up for life.
Nah Chichi was just being a good mother,Goku was being a horrible father but at the same time one of the nicest guys ever lawl.
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