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Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Me, cowdung and 90 percent of other users. Anark asked a valid question, what is your point here? The only reason why you are here is that you are a troll who is so embarrassed because of Samantha and the other forum that you have now the need to insult everybody on this forum before people the staff bans you.
You say you are here for the same reason like anybody else but the difference is that all of us have in this forum 2-3 users we dislike but 10-20 users we like so why should we leave this forum because of 2-3 users? What is the point of you being here except of acting like a litte boy who cries because nobody wants to play football with him?
And your opinion of Apocalypto has changed since the last 10 days? Actually Apocalypto was a better user 10 days ago. Now all of his posts consists of bitch, anus and insulting the wife of someone and that made you change your opinion of him? Yeah right, keep posting pointless crap
That's funny that you said I'm here to troll. Actually I'm not here to troll, I'm here to clear everything up, which I have done. I would have taken a break but what caused me to respond was you made a tasteless off topic comment saying that I look like a person who runs around saying the n-word. The fuck is wrong with you?

And then when I said something you changed the subject. Now we can continue with this pathetic back and fourth shit and you can continue to tell me that no one wants me here. Or you can admit that you were pathetic for saying shit like that. Also you do what el cocko says and take the cowardly way out. Either way I don't care.

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