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Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Really? Is that your comeback?

And I quote this once again for the LULZ

No. I typed all that and posted the link to your thread to show you that you are a sensible, butthurt crybaby.
Just read your pathetic comments in this thread how you care about opinions of El Chapo and how you made fun of Apocalypto and now you stooped that low and quote Apocalypto where he makes fun of Chapo and replied with because Apocalypto is so funny (the same Apocalypto you bashed to get your boring pathetic thread more comments) cuz he makes fun of El Chapo (the same Chapo you quoted him in your OP because you thought he would post in your pathetic thread to give you more replies).
You also quoted many other users, the same people you bash here.

You think I want you to leave? Only a retard needs help of other people to realize when it's time to leave instead of realizing that you act like a jackass and leave on your own.

I can't force you to leave but ask yourself what is the point of you being here? You hate 99 percent of the people here in rants and you try to accomplish something here. There is nobody here who will agree with you and say that you are not a retard, maybe except of Kris, Apocylypto and CREDMI.
You know exactly that you have no clue what you do here. You became a troll with the sole purpose of attacking various people on the forum until the staff bans you.
You rejoin maybe again but you will get banned again because your will post more retarded, butthurt and bitter comments and the staff will ban you again because it will became too obvious that you are a rejoiner.
Look at your pathetic posts. I want you too leave rants because you make fun of my avatar and signature? Do you know how pathetic it sounds? Be honest and admit that you have no clue what you post and that you have no arguments and points.

But I still have good news for you. When the admins ban you, you might be mad that people will bash you on this forum but you will have no chance to respond because you are banned.
The good news is that nobody will bash you because people will forget about you in 1 hour. You are irrelevant, just like your ironic and pathetic thread about attention seekers.
That is the explanation for your pathetic heelturn. You tried to make a thread in the style of the jobbers and Bad Blood thread but you realized that you are irrelevant so you turned heel to be at least a little bit relevant.

You can respond tl;dr but I know you read it and you know that at least 95 percent I posted is true and you are worth 5 minutes of my time to post it because sometimes I just love to make fun of people like you
I'm not here for anyone but myself you bitter fuck. I might have cared once before what people thought of me but that was then. It's you that is butthurt that I'm here. I don't care if you want me gone or not but the fact of the matter is that you guys started on me first so I will give back more then what you have given to me. If you hate me so much then get your ass back to the wrestling section where butthurt thrives, otherwise you will continue getting attacked by me. And actually fuckface my opinion on Apocalypto and others has changed once I realized how much a joke your posse is. I hate 87 percent of the people in this section but there are still people I resppect and you and cowdung aren't one of them.

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