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Default Re: Pakistani Parents Killed Daughter For Eyeing Boy

Originally Posted by zkorejo View Post
I dont mean to start any heated arguments over religion, but lets just keep religion out of it. Nowhere in Quran it says to do such thing to anyone for staring. Just because some frustrated assclown decided to do such thing, doesnt necessarily means it was because of his religion or society.

The guy was just a psycho and he will get what he deserves, but please dont generalize everyone who is a Muslim or Pakistani. It is as stupid as calling every American a racist.
Nobody on this thread ever said all muslims are like this,Infact most of us know allot of muslims are disgusted by this and hate the idea of stoning anybody to death or even the killing of homosexuals etc.I know many peaceful kind loving muslims "including my own damn family and many friends" but being the people they are they are not following the quran and the hadith and I know this because I used to be a very committed muslim and trust me when I say islam is sometimes a very disgusting and savage religion and some muslims don't even agree with islam sometimes,I don't know ANY muslim who would agree we must cut the hands of thieves and cutting the hands of thieves is something mohammed ordered and he even said he'd cut his daughter's hand if she stole something.

Edit : You know a religion is bad when its followers don't agree with it
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