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Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
They're hating on me so it's only fair I give it back.
Everybody who is not retarded and has a little bit of dignity and self-respect left would leave the rants instead of arguing with 20 people.
What is your point of posting here? That you are a rebel and not an ass kisser, dick rider and cock sucker like the other people here? That you are something better? If you are really something better then you would leave the forum because you are too good for this.

Look at your ridiculous rant where you posted
Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
It's been a while since I made my last rant so I decided to forcus my attention on a few members seem to try get some attention but they end up failing and/or end up banned. These guys won't stop at anything to get the attention they want. They live off of the attention you give them. Let's take a look at my first subjecg. This guy has recently created a rant that was first titled "Fuck Obama" but then turned into a "Fuck this forum and it's members" rant. Lets ask him what he thinks of Wrestling Forum.
and then
Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
So there you have it guys, we have just three examples of being an attention seeker. It's pathetic to see human beings act in this nature. These cunts are now banned but I garantee that we will have more and more to come through. But I find it absolutely strange how twats like these can just show up out of no where and then start trolling for attention. I expect people to no sell this rant but whatever, I'm speaking my mind on these cunts. So let me end this rant in the right way.

End rant.
The worst thing is that in your rant you made just 10 days ago you cared about opinions of people like Bully & El Chapo and bashed people like Apocalypto and called him Apocaldycto and some days later you laugh with Apocalypto about El Chapo.
Once again the link to your pathetic thread

Read just the first page for the LULZ how he cares about opinions of people he attacks now for no reason and how he posts on the same page how the rants are dead only becasue nobody posts in his threat while at the same time other threads in the same section drew ratings and numbers.

Or the in other thread where he posted this to Dunk20
Originally Posted by Mystical View Post
So tell me what will you do when Bully and his posse turns on you? Since you're so defensive, I predict you turning your computer off and eating rat poison and liquid plumber at the same time. Maybe you should do it now eh?
First of all Bully and posse don't exists. Bully & posse is nothing else than the majority of posters in this forum who don't act like total retards.
Yes, maybe someone will turn on Dunk20, just like someone can turn on me, BULLY, R.K.O. and anybody else if one of us goes full retard.
If Dunk never acts like a clown like you do nobody will turn ever on him.
But if this ever happens to me I'd rather eat rat poison than to embarrass myself with the other forum and acting like a girl.
I also acted like a dickhead when I first joined here but I decided, should I leave this forum, still embarrass myself or trying to be a better poster?
You decided that it's more fun to stay here and embarrass yourself with every new post, proving that you are a loser because you have no better place to go. Have fun
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