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Re: World's Biggest Numpty Try-Outs: Gene Wilder

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
Quick question: what is a numpty? Been meaning to ask that for a while.

As for the topic at hand: legit thread. This clown sounds like a real...well, numpty I guess?
Urban Dictionary describes a numpty as thus:

1. An idiot, a silly person.
2. A person who never has or never will have a fucking clue what he is doing.
3. A Scottish term, short for numb-skull.
4. Dialect, chiefly Scots. A bumbling fool or one who is intellectually challenged.
5. A person so stupid they are incapable of understanding the simplest of things.
6. Numpty first surfaced on the terraces of west of Scotland football grounds, many, many years ago. A player who couldn't hit a cow's arse with a shovel would be a fucking numpty.

Personally I love the phonetics of it. To call somebody a numpty aloud is one of life's joys.

Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
Btw had to Google nonce
Haven't googled for other meanings, but in the UK a nonce is slang for a paedophile.

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