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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by Joshi View Post
Am I the only one thinking Andrew Lincoln (Rick) performance in the cry scene was kinda bad? almost, don't hate me for saying this but...almost funny? (PS: I like this actor a lot usually, absolutely not hating)

Kudos to Sarah Wayne Callies for her probably last interpretation (flashbacks are always a possibility) of Lori, I hated the character so much but always liked her as an actress and this last scene was touching.

T-Dog death was kinda random and not so emotional to me sadly, plus, like someone else alredy stated, where Carol disappeared? it's not like she can go far...

Andrea is pretty lame at the moment, while Michonne is interesting (I can't say cool and great cause she still have to become relevant), plus, her eyes and physique are pretty amazing ^^
The Governor and Merle are interesting too, I have a feeling Merle will play the good guy this time.

Carl is an interrogative point to me now, while I enjoy see him becoming so mature at the same time I feel it was done too fast, one moment he was the little guy poking walkers in the woods, after just one winter he's one of the more mature characters in the group.

Daryl and Herschel are still my favorite characters even if Daryl wasn't so relevant in these first episodies.
No. I legit almost cried for Rick, and I can't remember crying over a movie.

I don't see how T-Dogs death was 'random'. It was shocking to me, but thats needed in a zombie show. Anyone can die at anytime. Makes it a lot more thrilling.

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