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The introduction where Bret Hart was going to introduce the GM was great. The whole representative vs representative sounds like when Vince McMahon did the same thing to Donald Trump. But on an negative note, you missed the B when you formatted Bret Hart when he said "How about you don't? After the guest host fiasco, we're not gonna have multiple GMs again, so only one of you is gonna have the job." I also like the lining of the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View. Stephanie is picking Triple H? Who will Shane pick to stack up with that? I also like how Triple H floored Shane.

Ryan Sheffield vs David Otunga; I see you are putting NXT into RAW, I was thinking something along the lines of that too when I get my BTB off its feet. I wonder who is first gotta read up on it. Good match nonetheless. Extreme Rules is stacking up! I like the third match to most. #GoodbyeHeath

Kanye West wannabe? I guess the Miz got R-Truth but he really did own Josh Matthews. Pity.

I like the heat between Carlito and Morrison in the match. Learning about these feuds, I see Melina and Primo are added to the mix. The ending where Morrison superkicks R-Truth through the window wasn't expected at all. Nice job.

There is some formatting errors that could be fixed after that match but anyways the handicap match was a given. What I think was kind of innovative and unexpected is that the team of MVP and Shelton Benjamin attacked Air Bourne, then turned on the The Miz (semi-innovative part) then they had a match to connect two matches without a segment in between. It's not used that much in WWE.

Aww, I was rooting for The Hart Dynasty but its all cool. So MVP and Shelton Benjamin, and Air Boom will be in the tag team match at Extreme Rules. Interesting.

Wow that was a short short short match given three of them are main event statuses. Oh well, at least the face team won (and the team I was rooting for).

The obvious match of the night was Swagger vs Christian. Good show. Overall, it isn't bad. Putting more into your match can give it a better picture of whats going on and touch up on those formatting areas.


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