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Re: Does a laptop battery drain even when the laptop is off?

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
in my personal experience (family members who refuse to listen to me ), I've seen laptop batteries become useless alot sooner than they should.

Most recent example:

My uncle brought some new laptops home from work, and the kids used them basically for homework, and other light-duty uses, and left them plugged in round the clock. This went on for a year. I was at their house a couple of weeks ago and pulled the computer out to do some work at the kitchen table. I turned it on, and the battery died immediately. So I pulled out another one, and the system gives a fatal message about the health of the battery if it isnt plugged into a charger.

The theory is that a battery gets (x) amount of charge cycles in it's life. Ideally, you wanna use the entire charge amount (run the battery to 0%) before recharging, otherwise you're wasting charge cycles. So what you have is a battery that's never being unplugged, but unquestionably using battery and using charge cycles.
Yup, remember being told that. It's a fairly new comp, so I don't know how that happened. Sometimes I leave the charger in while on it, so I should let up. But lately I have been letting it run to 0 before charging it again. What did my last comp in was this universal charger I bought for it, thing fucking busted the battery and I wasn't able to use the comp unless plugged in.

Anyways, thanks for the help peeps, especially Ziggler Mark.

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