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Re: Vince and the Officials treatment of Bryan

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
He was WORSE than Cena's ever been (I Quit, Lesnar matches notwithstanding). Go watch the match at Money in the Bank this year. Bryan locks in a LeBell Lock with a fucking KENDO STICK. Punk lays there NO SELLING the move similar to Cena did with the Crossface in Night of Champions, but not only that, he TAKES the stick with one hand and frees himself using it. Way to make Bryan look like a weak pussy that can't even apply a hold properly and gets overpowered by somebody his size with them using their one free arm. "HE'S A SUBMISSION SPECIALIST!!!!!"
So one instance of him not selling puts him on the same level as Mr. No Sell himself? Come on, man. And I watched that match-sure, Punk did break out of it and look strong, but my God, it wasn't like he looked like he was taking a nap while in the thing, unlike some OTHER superstars...

I think this is just your Punk hatred talking. I know you strongly dislike the guy, that's fine. We all have our opinions. However, Punk has a long, LONG way to go before he can ever be considered half as bad as Cena at looking indestructible. Let's say you're right and he was no selling all the time and looking unstoppable (which he wasn't). That was for what, a couple of months? Cena has been this way since 2005. Cena's indestructible-ness ruined Nexus (which is 7 guys alone), Brock and Miz, just to name a few. Punk hasn't ruined anybody.

Anyway, back on topic.

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