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Re: Vince and the Officials treatment of Bryan

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
Wins and losses don't matter.
Yes, they do.

The problem is, you and vanboxmeer are talking about two different things, here. You´re right in saying that losses won´t hurt anyone´s overness. The main reason for that is the constant TV exposure these guys get even if they lose.

What vanboxmeer is actually talking about, and where wins and losses matter a whole lot, is "momentum". If you´re the guy who is constantly losing to other midcarders, and all of a sudden beat a guy like Cena clean, without any drastic change in character, the fans won´t buy it. It doesn´t matter that every WWE fan knows your name and is familiar with your character, you simply don´t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Here´s the thing, though: I can kind of get the thought process why a wrestling promotion would mostly care about their worker`s overness instead of their momentum (even though I´d disagree with it). But why should wrestling fans care?

Stop me if I´m starting to sound like Mick Foley, but all we ever cared about, everything we remember fondly when we think back of the reasons we fell in love with wrestling, are the special moments wrestling can create better than any other form of entertainment. These moments are what we´re all actually here for, and momentum is the essential ingredient to create them.

So, while you´re right in saying that the losses won´t hurt Bryan´s overness, vanboxmeer has every right to complain about the shitty booking that led to Bryan´s momentum (which he got rather by coincidence, admittedly) vanishing, especially considering the current staleness of the WWE landscape. We all love to complain about the midcard, and how there´s just "nothing happening", but when someone does manage to create some momentum for themselves, it´s like the WWE is almost hellbent on destroying it.

By the way, the apparent lack of distinction between these two terms is actually one of the main reasons why the WWE is in the mess they´re in, in my opinion. Momentum is the reason why someone like Ryback is getting such reactions. Not because he looks so "awesome", but because he was allowed to build a shitload of momentum over months. It´s the reason why the Nexus got people talking, and why the "Summer of Punk" got even casuals interested again.

You´re not doing anyone a favour, including yourself as a wrestling fan, if you keep arguing like that and keep giving them excuses for their poor, lazy and almost self-destructive way of handling these things.

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