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Post Punk vs Rock at the Rumble; 500 day reign? Rock/Cena II (Potential Cena Heel Turn)

Since this is the thread that has and contains all discussion about The Rock and his aspirations on wanting to become WWE Champion again, let me state the following:

It's taken a little while for me to warm up to it, but I have now fully accepted the possible idea that CM Punk will walk into Royal Rumble, his reign reaching 434 days, face The Rock... and he'll win.

Here is why I support that booking: It will forever cement CM Punk's legacy as not just the Best In The World, but one of the absolute best ever. Should he go over Rock at RR, he will have to walk into WrestleMania with a WWE Championshiop that lasted for over FIVE. HUNDRED. DAYS.

Think about that. That's something that we seen in over a quarter of a century, since the mid-late '80s, to be exact. Seeming something like in this day and age of Professional Wrestling, in this modern era, would be truly remarkable, and a momentous occasion to behold. It will be something that we may never see again. It would finally quench CM Punk's thirst for respect and give him a chance to say that he accomplished something that guys like HBK, HHH, Taker, Austin, Rock, Angle, Lesnar, Orton, or even Cena couldn't do. It will be the ultimate one-up that Punk would have had over those guys, and solidify his case as a sure-fire, first-ballot, future Hall-Of-Fame.

To be mentioned along the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlunkd, and HULK. FUCKING. HOGAN as among not the most prestigious, not just the most historic, but the most influential WWE Champions in the history of that company and this industry. And that will be an accomplishment Punk can take to his grave, knowing full well he did something that many could have never done, and what very few have, and even dream of doing. Phillip Jack Brooks will be forever associated with history in that regard, and that will be something thaat will almost assuredly, be never erased. This is video here ideally sums up my personal hopes for this accomplishment:


As for who should be the man to end this historic run, I have only three possible candidates who can be granted that honor. It could be Ryback, but he is simply just not ready yet to become WWE Champion. Not now, not with Punk riding the momentum wave that he's on.

If there is a Championship that Ryback will be gunning for around 'Mania time, it'll probably be for the World title, either against Ziggler, or possibly against Big Show, and build up the possible chance of Ryback lifting up Big Show for a earthshattering Shell-Shock, something that can replayed forever, just like Hogan-Andre at the old Silverdome. And speaking of that, I think it would be even more memorable if after the match to congratulate him and seemingly give him props, only to then suckerpunch with a WMD, knocking him out, and have Ziggler run in and cash in the briefcase, havng memorable WM moments all in one match.

Now back to who should end Punk's reign. Another guy could be John Cena, and they may just go with the route that includes Rock beating Punk at RR, setting up Rock/Cena II at 'Mania for the gold, with Cena getting back his win, and having a bit of a one-up on Rock and seemingly have the torch passed to him by beating him for the most prestigiouts title in the business on the biggest stage of the business. But it would be more interesting if that was done in a way that shows Cena in a new light, but more on that later.

Which brings me now to who I think should give fans that kayfabe staisfying feeling when he finally dethrones CM Punk, and takes down the big bad heel and end his mammoth reign. And I would have it be The Rock. Now you may be asking, "How is he getting another shot, he had his chance and lost?" Well, you can do it a plethera of ways. You could have Punk retain by nefarious ways (i.e. someone interfering like Brock Lesnar, setting up Rock/Brock II at WrestleMania, over 10 years in the making), or you can do it in a way no one is expecting.

Ater a back and forth match, in which both compettitors give each other everything they had, Punk hits a GTS out of nowhere, pins Rock CLEAN, for the 123, shocking everyone. The next night, you have a CM Punk appreciation night, which may include the unvieling of the new belt design, only to have Rock interupt and say, "I want another shot." Punk could then say, "No, no, Dwayne. I'm not just gonna hand you another shot like the WWE did, where you just dissappeared for a while, only to come back for a undeserved title shot. This time, you're gonna have to earn it." And Rock can then say, "Fine, jabroni. I'll prove to you and the entire world what I'm still capable of doing."

After that, you can Rock partake in the Elimination Chamber, and he goes through a grueling affair which features the likes Kofi, D-Bry, maybe Ziggler, Miz, and, you guessed it, Cena. It then comes down to Rock and Cena, and after about 10 minutes of battling, Rock lands the People's Elbow, pins Cena AGAIN, and sets up Punk vs Rock at WrestleMania, while Cena wallows in pity and cause him to undergo a serious change, but again, mor on that later.

So now, we're at WrestleMania, in the Main Event, and it's CM Punk vs The Rock for the WWE title. In yet another hard fought match, with this time Punk trying to pull out all the stops, such as taking out refs, distraction tactics, using Heyman, low blows, using the belt as a weapon, etc., Rock overcomes all that, hits Punk with his THIRD Rock Bottom of the night, and with that, becomes WWE Champion for the eight time, giving the fans the satisfying conclusion of knoing that the very last thing they saw from WrestleMania XXIX was The Rock completing his comeback story, ends the mightily long reign of CM Punk, and is once again WWE Champion.

Now where does John Cena fit into all of this, you may ask. Well, after some soul searching after once again coming up short against The Rock, Cena enters a bit of a funk, losing matches he normally doesn't lose, Then, around June or July, he catches a hot streak, and looks semingly unstoppable, and is hell-bent on reclaiming title gold.

By this time, Rock is still champion, as is really gonna get a bit of a run with this run, as a sort of a thank you from the WWE for all the years of serviece he put in, and helping bank a lot of money with WrestleMania the past three years. This run includes rematches and wins over Punk, a win over Miz, and a matchup against Daniel Bryan. I'm just throwing names from the top of my head, so bear with me here. It's almost SummerSlam, and there seems to be no one else for Rock to face. Enter John Cena, a man who's been clammoring, salivating, and chomping at the bits for more shot of finally defeating The Rock. So, Rock grants him his chance, but under one condition: it will be an iron-man match.

And at SummerSlam, Cena will finally get his win over The Rock, and in the process, reclaim the WWE Championship that had not held for almost two years. But it's not how everyone thinks it happens. In fact, it will leave people with their jaws hanging. John Cena, much like Brock Lesnar back in 2003, will cheat to become WWE Champion, thus turning him heel. During the match, he would have done some disgusting dirty heel shit, such as getting intentionally DQ'd a couple of times, to low blowing and using weapons on Rock when the ref's not looking, and doing just enough, to survive one last Rock Bottom at the sound of the horn before Rock can tie it up, making Cena the winner of the match. Afterwards, he cements his heel status, by beating the shit out of Rock, and stands tall literally and figurtively, over the fallen People's Champion.

And after that, my brain is maxed out on what to do next. What do you guys think, and what would/should happen next? Sorry for the long ass read.

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