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Re: Make your mind up Vince!

Originally Posted by The Great Below View Post
Yes, because that tag match was going to bring the roof down. It's more entertaining because it will have to be a complete clusterfuck not to be. Punk/Ryback/Cena is vastly superior to Team Foley/Punk in every way. Punk will be the sneaky heel that will pick his spot after getting pummeled for most of the match and capitalize when the two faces bicker and start fighting each other. It's pretty simple, they can still book it out as a weaselly win quite easily.
Guess we'll have to agree to disagree, because I couldn't care less about Punk/Ryback/Cena. I didn't last month and I certainly don't this month. You may think its superior to Foley/Punk, but at least that had a nostalgic feel and they were apparently gonna try something different. Do you actually think Punk/Ryback/Cena WILL tear the roof down? I don't. And its funny that you say it'd have to be a complete clusterfuck not to be more entertaining because judging by the past couple of main event finishes to the last few PPVs...that's exactly what we're getting.

You're right that they could book to Punk to get a weaselly win pretty easily, same as they did at Summerslam. Except I have zero faith in the WWE anymore. Fuck, they'll probably have it end in a DQ or count out somehow.

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