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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Smith worked a really fun WOS esque match on the last Superstars of 2010 with Regal. I remember thinking at the time it was comfortably the best Smith match I'd seen to date. Nice review there though, its Finlay so I'll gladly track it down at some point.

Finlay/Kidd from ECW 09 is also pretty nifty for the time it gets. Highlight being Finlay transitioning from a cloverleaf into a double knee to the spine spot.

EDIT: nice thoughts Clique. I recall Edge/Benoit being one of Edge's better matches of the 00s.
Oh, tell me about it. I own that match on DVD. Love it, love it, love it. Was blown away by them working it that style when I first saw it. I'd put the Regal match above this Finlay match. Still worth a watch imo. Both matches vs Kidd were really good, too. ***1/4 & *** respectively. Which is pretty darn good considering they were only 7 minutes each.

I don't remember that Edge/Benoit match one single bit. I want to watch right now but all of my focus is towards ECW. (which means I'm literally passing up a Edge/Benoit match for a Vladimir Koslov squash.)

Speaking of Edge matches on Smackdown that owned: he worked one in 2009 vs John Morrison that I recall being REALLY exhuberant and good. Put Morrison's face push over the top in the best way possible. Better than the exhibitions vs Benjamin did. Considering the level of Edge.

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