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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread


Spoiler for about Episode 4, nothing comic related:

T-Dog, nooooouuuuuu!!!!! Well, least he went out with style. As for Lori, hope she's gone, but unless I see a bullethole in her head or a zombified Lori, I'm unconvinced.

The whole "sacrificing myself for the baby" thing is typical Lori, okay, you know you're gonna die after the cuts, but let's do it for the baby? Well, think for a second, you are the (only) one with the babyfood hanging from your shoulders. HOW the FUCKING FUCK does your newborn baby survive the zombie apocalypse without milk and a foodstandard of crap we found in the storage room of a prison...?

The zombies in front of the door are being drawn away from the sirens, there are 1,5 doctors around, even if it took an hour and the baby dies, how long did Shane take to convert? A little more I think (and for clarification, I'm not talking about "saving the baby", yeah, I'm talking about saving the mother, the baby is dead with or without Lori)

Ricks breakdown. Pure. Fucking. Genius.

Spoiler for Comics, speculation:

There goes the Tyreese-Dog theory, shame.
I'm taking a shot at Merle being the equivalent of the guy trying to compromise the prisons location, and Daryl will kill him.
As I stated in spoiler box numero uno, I think Lori will be back, the C-Section training of Carol and stuff, with the preview it seemed like a setup for Rick to toughen up against the Governor, yet when she finally dies (with the baby) he will finally break down for good and get into the crazy ET-telephone weirdo after the prison is gone

Oh, and it's "nice", that they compensated the lack of traumatisation on Carl by the birth/death/shooting his own mother

Losing hair? Gain muscles!

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