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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post

Your comments on Ziggler are pretty much the same as me. Interested to hear if you think he could work better as a face? I'd be interested since his bumping is tailor made for a face as well as a comedy heel, and I think the 'Show off' character is something that could easily be tweaked into a babyface character if they play up Ziggler's pride in not taking a shortcut with the MITB and trying to cash it in honourably in order to fully 'steal the show'.
Yeah, I've said plenty of times (first time was I think after No Waay Out) I think Ziggy could use a face turn. His bumping could be a symapthy-grabber. Sometime ago it seemed Vickie wanted to turn her back on him but didn't, IDK where they went with that. Another good time would be when he and Swagger were teaming. Dolph could have turned face in that. The crowd dislikes Vickie so much that anybody who goes against her would be instantly liked, I think. Dolph's already connected to her, so it's really written on the wall.

EDIT: Edge/Benoit is really awesome. Second best Edge match I can remember. It was a week before Benoit died, too. Ridiculous that he could pull that off then.

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