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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
They didn't show up until 2/14/11 too. Ugg.

ECW 5/19/09
Dave Finlay vs David Hart Smith ~ ***1/2

Strong outing from Smith in his re-debut with the company. These guys went out there and said "fuck WWE style. we're working this our way." Which they did. Completely fixated on the ground game. Striker was EXCELLENT on commentary in this match. Pointed out every single thing that needed to be said to grasp the simple psychology behind the match. Continuing to put over the veteran experience of Finlay. Putting over Smith to actually sound like a credible threat vs Finlay. Even dropped a World of Sport reference in the early going. Now, I might put this a notch higher than some. Smith's weardown segments, which last for about 8 minutes out of the 14:47, could be labled as boring. For me they came off as logical, solid ground work. Brought it to Finlay in the aspect that he could completely smother him on the offense as soon as he found an opening. Now while I did dig this match, it has one HUGE negative in it. The top wristlock/arm weardown that Finlay did in about the first 5 minutes of the match were completely FORGOTTEN by Smith the moment he shifted the momentum his way. That was bad. Not even a single sign of it. If it wasn't for that this match would have been rated even higher in my book.

Interesting match nonetheless. Worked for me. Slow, but the good kind of slow. I think if Smith tried this match with a different opponent it may have been the worse match ever. Finlay is so awesome, and well trained to work a match like this, that it clicked on most levels pardon the lack of selling by Smith.
Smith worked a really fun WOS esque match on the last Superstars of 2010 with Regal. I remember thinking at the time it was comfortably the best Smith match I'd seen to date. Nice review there though, its Finlay so I'll gladly track it down at some point.

Finlay/Kidd from ECW 09 is also pretty nifty for the time it gets. Highlight being Finlay transitioning from a cloverleaf into a double knee to the spine spot.

EDIT: nice thoughts Clique. I recall Edge/Benoit being one of Edge's better matches of the 00s.

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