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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I've never been on the Ziggler train. I started liking him in 2010 as a midcarder (after hating him), but his way of working a big main event/World Title match is terrible. I never want to watch his Orton or Sheamus or Punk PPV matches from this year again. Good bumper, but he oversells. Can be pretty boring on offense.

Watched a Smiley match earlier this year. I remember watching it literally the day before you first mentioned it in this thread. Mind-reading weirdo.

Malenko's really, really hit or miss, but he definitely excels at the short WorldWide/Pro/Saturday Night/Any WCW B-Show matches. His best long matches and performances are v Ultimo at Starrcade and v Mysterio from Germany.

Malenko v La Parka? THAT I have to fucking see. Michaels/Taker can wait.
Yeah Malenko impressed me in both matches. His execution and fluidity in the ring isn't questionable, and therefore he definitely excells in the shorter matches where his holds can be used in a more painful fashion rather than having to be stretched out over numerous minutes. The Parka match wasn't as good as the Smiley encounter, largely because I prefer the British style Norman brought but its still damn good and you get some great Parka and Eddie fuckery.

Malenko vs Eddie from the House Show in 97 is excellent and their best match together, though its one of Eddie's finest performances in the year and considering the role he was on in 1997 that is saying something. I think the Ultimo match did make my list in the end for WCW, remember being plesantly surprised by how well it turned out given its Malenko and Ultimo.

Your comments on Ziggler are pretty much the same as me. Interested to hear if you think he could work better as a face? I'd be interested since his bumping is tailor made for a face as well as a comedy heel, and I think the 'Show off' character is something that could easily be tweaked into a babyface character if they play up Ziggler's pride in not taking a shortcut with the MITB and trying to cash it in honourably in order to fully 'steal the show'.

EDIT: oops at the DP.
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