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Re: Looks who's back, you shit nuggets!

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
Now Apocalypto doesn't have to make such a catchy thread title because all you have to do see is my name and you will instantly come in to check this shit out because it's Apocalypto. The biggest up and coming icon in Rants whether you bunch of shit flinging, fairies like it or not.

I was thinking of making this an appreciation thread for myself, being a legend and all, but I will rather let my future fanbase work on that. I am going to talk about certain idiots in this section who I feel are terribly underrated as ass kissers and nut huggers who are trying to hide from the criticism by conforming and fitting in with the likes of the upper echelons in Rants.

Like this fat, pig raping, asshole looking like he is constipated right here

I mean who was the one made the cancerous tumor thread that is killing Rants known as the Jobbers thread? PUSSY the fat shit. He made it to make little internet friends and cover his ass because the truth be told, BULLY won't fight anyone on this site one on one. He knows he has his little dick sucking butt buddy Annie, Noyk the wimpy queer, and the rest of the little Jobbers clique will be running to his aide.

Speaking of Annie...

You best not be giving up on me, bitch. Our dance isn't over, not until you provide solid, tangible, and concrete evidence that I am The Livid One. It's like Andre Baker said while everybody was sodomizing him in a thread a while back, you never provided significant evidence. So I will get back to you when you provide solid evidence, you blob of dog vomit.

Now I am pretty sure Noyk is an obvious one, but two others that are underrated are RKO Peep and dunk20, or as I like to call him, dung20. I am assuming people let dunk20 shit fly by because he is part of the minority group known as homosexuals.

And RKO Peep, which obviously nobody has pointed out because nobody cares about this loser, but I will advise the vultures in this section to pay closer attention from now on to this fine ass kissing queer.

Apocalypto, over and out.
You forgot these:

And to the people who kept asking if I was actually gone. I knew you phaggots missed me but stop crying like little bitches cause I'm back.

Also to the fucking twat noyk, what a fucking hypocrite, you have been exposed as a "forum charscter" and a phaggot who poses as a girl online. At least I'm not that fucking stupid. To those who think me and samantha are the same person you cunts have no idea what you're even talking about. I see you jobbers continuing to ride bully's cock all over the jobber thread and the funny thing is that you are like his yes men who he fucks in the ass to get you to have his back. I'm sure you don't even care to hear this either because most of you are closet fags and rather ride his cock all day then to be your own person. You people make me want to barf at the shit that you do:

And Apocalypto you are still an asshat but the jobbers make you look like the best poster here. So keep ridding bully's cock and drinking that aussie cum because you sorry fucks wil get exposed like jt martin for sucking noyk's dick.

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