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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

JoeRulz was on at me to watch Hero/Kingston Loser Leaves Town from CZW earlier, gave it a watch and whilst I'm not as high on it as him, I think it could be a really interesting match that could divide a lot of people in their interpretation of it:

Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston - Loser Leaves Town - (CZW 4/7/07)

Don't think this will make my list overall, I'm in agreement with parts of Mike and Seabs' views on the match. It is a total war, with some hideous strikes from both men, chops to the face, stiff as fuck slaps and headbutts and one stomp from Hero to Kingston's chin which looked dangerously close to dislodging some teeth. Mike's argument about the strike battles essentially being mano a mano and two cowboys slugging it out in their final battle is perfectly apt...but I could have done with a bit more alteration instead of what felt like a 20 minute strike battle outside of a few spots on the floor. I mean I hate it when you get 2-3 minute strike battles in Big Japan, let alone one that goes on for close to 20 minutes before they head to the finish. I do appreciate the direction they went with it and the feeling that it was meant to be two guys just proving they had the will and passion to outlast the other....but its Loser Leaves Town and I'd have appreciated a bit more urgency and fight to establish control, rather than standing and letting yourself be chopped, or Hero taking the time to raise his elbow to the crowd before delivering a strike..you know?

Selling is super throughout with both men continually fighting to remain on their feet with every blow they take, and seeing them lifeless on the mat is a terrific visual and one that doesn't feel convulted. Thought Hero had a couple of irritating spots though, seeing him springboard off a guardrail to hit an elbow and him doing a frontlip over the ropes to then hit an elbow in the corner just felt out of place for a final slugout in Philadelphia. He's an awesome striker but fuck me does he have the odd moment where he just totally does too much flipping around for what feels like nothing. The final closing minutes and both men visibly grimacing with every kickout was a really nice way to signal that both men wanted it to end, and the closing slugout did feel approrpiately satisfactory as a feud ender.

I do agree with Seabs that Kingston was a bit too weak in some of his strikes. He seemed to get better as the match went on, with the backfist being very stiff looking, but Hero looked far and away the stiffer/cleaner striker in almost every exchange and that was a bit of a bummer. Crowd deserve all the shit they've gotten as well, fuck me were they dreadful.

So yeah, I can't see people here not digging this, since it feels like a hated war and there's enough selling of each blow throughout to give the impression both men can't take much more and that every strike by the end could be their last. But I feel it will come down to whether you take Mike's expert analogy in explaining the continuous strike battles or whether you share Seabs' sentiments that the idea was nice but the execution wasn't as good as it could have been. I'd lean more to Seabs' view, but it is a good match (in fact very good in a lot of parts) and I can definitely appreciate where Mike is coming from. I'd actually be interested to see more people here give it a watch to see where people lie on it.
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