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Re: Batten down the hatches. Show your support.

Over a year's worth of regular yet consistently excellent posts in the wrestling and football sections, several engaging and thought provoking threads and a couple of highly entertaining rants. People just see me being a cunt in rants and assume that's all I am on here. Not that I can't be cunt in other sections!

You also make a huge mistake in assuming that I 'love' anybody on here. This is just a website full of faceless people, I'm pretty much indifferent to all of the individuals on here. Just because I agree with SNOWMAN a lot it doesn't mean that I like him anymore than anybody else. I'm not here to make friends, just to have a laugh and develop my understanding of a variety of subjects.


@Apocalypto: I know you get excited when you see me and get a bit stiff, but don't mistake your engorged clit for a cock, you ain't satisfying anybody with that!

@Froot: What would be 'nahce' is a rants section where people don't make boring generic threads about seasonal discrepancies. Last year we had some guy moan about halloween and now you with the fireworks (god forbid that happen around this time of year!). They just seem like rants for rant's sake. What next, Gandhi slags off Christmas?

Truth be told I expect more from somebody who prides themselves on their creative writing. Now that's a compliment.

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