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Re: Batten down the hatches. Show your support.

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
ALL my rants are fucking hilarious and forged out of boredom and procrastination.

I agree it's VERY entertaining. But it would be even more entertaining if Apocolypto (who is the one actually trying to get over) was never repied to, he'd totally lose his shit
Boredom, Procrastination? To be fair there is fuck all to in Hereford. When PLAY night club is the most popular local attraction...You get my drift.

What would be funnier is if everybody told the guy how much they liked him and just laughed at his posts in a good way. If you ignore him he's going to try even harder to fuck up threads, so it's counter productive.

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
This is offensive to me, you patronising turd.

I'm on headliners team. I'm not taking credit for shit, or using others hard work for my own personal gain.

Hey son, I'm not the one being rolled in glitter.

Are you not taking credit for this terrible rant? Probably best to distance yourself from it.

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
I was gonna say I don't care about your opinion. But, that would be a lie. Thanks for your kind words.

Now stop sucking Apocolyto's dick, yeah!?

I may or may not post a beatboxing video
At least you're honest. Everyone with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together can figure out that my opinion matters more than most. Bakers are gonna bake, haters are gonna hate.

...and I'm not sucking his dick, it's a vagina. Basic biology lesson right there for you.

@Whap Me Jungles: I make class posts outside of rants in many sections, so that's a fail right there for you. What have you contributed to these forums?
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