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Re: ASS CREED III - October 30th, 2012....Bye Ezio :'(

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
It's not the last.

It's talked about at 0:50.

Anyway, just finished the game last night. Hell of a game, very entertaining, very emotional at points, great story, great gameplay, etc. For me, it still doesn't beat the Italy games, though, in terms of story. That was my setting to a T, so I have a special place for those two. Gameplay wise, this is definitely the most advanced. The naval missions suck, though. Not fun at all. Thankfully, most of them are optional and they don't beat you over the head with it in the story campaign.

Very buggy, though. I don't know how this game has so many fuckups in it, I've seen people stuck inside walls, cannons, 2 of the same people standing right next to each other, there's one scene on the ship at the beginning where the captain's mouth isn't moving when he talks. A point taken off for that many glitches. I'm hoping they release a patch for this stuff later.

The Desmond ending was stupid, as was the whole present day storyline. Connor's ending was great, though. I mean before the credits rolled, obviously. Nothing much happened in the epilogue but it was ok. The scene in the inn was BRILLIANT.
The glitches are hilarious at times. People walking into vehicles. People giving directions to a wall. People running at me, I step away and they just run off a cliff. I kinda had this happen once to myself too, I was the Indian kid and I saw an enemy standing near a cliff with his back to me so knowing Haytham's move when you run at someone and stab 'em I do the same thing but with the tomahawk you kinda jump forward too while stabbing so I went down with the dude to my death, good times.

I'm now hunting with the Indian kid and doing small missions, I'm really taking my time through this, want to get my money's worth and the world is beautiful.

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