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Re: JT Martin and NoyK: A Love Story

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
It was a cool fall day in 2012.

NoyK was a little lonely due to having 0 irl friends, so he decided to log on to wrestlingforum.com and try to chat with some fellow wrestling fans.

He discovered the rants section.

It was a brutal section where you separate the weak from the strong, the self-confident from the broken shells, the bullied guys who will appear on Maury one day as a handsome bodybuilder to laugh in the face of his schoolyard bullies from the Amanda Todds.

He decided he wanted to give the section a try. He made some posts, tried to fit in with some threads, got made fun of, and then proceeded to cry about it, even trying to make amends in a white knight thread and in private messages.

He told wild stories of what turned out to be his non-existent sex life, posting pictures of girls he claimed to bang while they had some other guy's arm around them, saying it was her 'brother'.

He then changed his story to just going through a bad time so he acted stupid.

Unfortunately, the WF community saw right through his lies.

In this story of hardship, however, a beautiful love story emerges.

JT Martin's eyes glowed with warmth as he looked over at NoyK. Their eyes met as they made their way towards one another. JT took NoyK's soft hand in to his dry, sandpaper-like hands and kissed it slowly. It was an instant attraction. The two became attached at the dick, going everywhere together, JT being NoyK's 'white knight'.

The love blossomed but an impending doom loomed over their relationship.

At first, only a select few members slapped NoyK's ass. The rest of the forum didn't quite know of his existence yet. JT defended his lover, fighting away the few evil members of WF with his golden sword.

This would not last for long.

Soon, JT was heavily outnumbered. It was no longer two or three people jumping on NoyK's back, it was 99% of the rants section.

JT took a look around at his lover's attackers. It was too much for him....he couldn't handle it. It was one thing to try to ward away a few people, but it was another to defend against an army.

He looked in to NoyK's eyes, which had welled up at this point. Feeling weak, JT's eyes got glassy as he turned to NoyK and said 'sorry'.

JT dropped his sword in front of NoyK, who dropped to his knees crying 'NO, NO, YOU CAN'T DO THIS, JT, I LOVE YOU'.

JT slowly walked backwards away from NoyK,who was broken and battered on the ground, still crying for his love.

As he looked at how pathetic NoyK looked on his knees, crying, he started to attack NoyK, turning his back on the one he loved, just to try to fit in with the WF community.

As time went on, his feeble attempts to shake away his relationship with NoyK were overlooked due to fakeness. His undying love for NoyK will forever live on, but he will continue to try to distance himself from the love of his life just to fit in.

The end.

Great rant.

Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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