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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Matt_Yoda View Post
Yeah it wasn't on the set, but I think that match took place after the time period covered in this release but I'm" not sure.

I loved Lynn/Styles/Ki as well and probably one of the most underrated 3 Ways of 2000-2010. I thought the original UX was pretty good, I mean it's not Styles/Sabin/Williams level but for what it was I liked it. I do remember them pushing the hell out of Shane due to his bloodties to HBK, decent worker but nothing to write home about.

As for the 4 Way I thought it was great, better than I remembered it being. People tend to overlook Sabin, he's been a longtime fixture of the X Division right among the likes of Styles, Daniels, P Williams, Ki, A-Red & Lynn. One of favorite TNA matches of all time is Sabin vs. Williams @ Turning Point.
Yeah, it was on like the 5th TNA weekly PPV. Can't believe it got skipped.

Original Ultimate X was clunky. It's a new concept and they tried to grasp it the best that they could, but it didn't work. Finished seemed rushed too since the belt kept falling and then Shane came out of nowhere to randomly snag the belt. His push was a sham. Seriously only got it because he's related to HBK. Pfft. He didn't get tolerable till he teamed with Kazarian in 2004. Even then he still sucked, but at least he was associated with someone who was worth while. Oh, and by the time Ultimate X II rolled around, they knew how to work it MUCH better. That one is fantastic. Helped they incorporated the common sturdy cables that are used today. Those flimsy white ones in the first match didn't help things.

I suppose. Maybe with my Sabin goggles on 24/7 he's always been up in the top teir of X-Division wrestlers. Plus for a good while 2003-2007 he was often put over by commentary and got the pushes. Then he teamed with Shelley, refused to blade and it was dog house city till 2010. Thankfully he got something again. That crap went on WAY too long.

Turning Point vs Petey rules. Although if I'm naming out a top Sabin TNA match, vs Samoa Joe from No Surrender 2005 is top of the list.

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
Hey cody/others is impact worth watching this week? I've been away since Friday.

I sawthe triple threat and main event announced for turning point. I think both could be really good matches too. AJ in the 3 way could bomb or be awesome but its AJ so i have hope
Gonna have to say no.The brawling segments were decent. Kept the chaos going. None of the matches were noteworthy at all. Longest match was Ion vs Gut Check worker Christian York. Only went 4:21. I can tell you what happened as far as progressing Aces & 8's since it happened at the very end and isn't something you don't already know. Oh, I will say this. Watch the first 8-10 minutes of the show. That was my favorite part. arks

btw we also have a random Angle vs Devon match signed for the PPV too

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