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Re: JT Martin and NoyK: A Love Story

Who's worse, JT Martin or Noyk?

Noyk is; I actually stopped posting in his thread because I legitimately think he is retarded, although I like him in RAW thread. I'm going to find that post.

EDIT: ok, Cat's other thread shitting in Noyk's mouth, http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...baby-noyk.html

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Fuck, I had like 15 quotes saved up that I was gonna rip you a new asshole with.
NoyK you fucking suck. You came into that thread after everything, posted 1 thing, got told you were stupid, so made an entire Rant about it. Then when the rant failed, and all your cum demons flipped on you, you said "but I wanted that to happen to show hypocrisy".
No you didn't. You already get fucked in the butt enough, you didn't want to happen in rants as well.
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
you made the GTFO thread. I've post that like 3 times. you should not have been the one to make that thread. I don't know what else to say. If you post something even more stupid than this, I'm done man. you just don't want to admit you were being an asshole.
Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
For what it's worth, like you said in your case Cat, I'm a pretty nice guy myself before all of this mess over Bad Blood in Rants, you can see that for yourself if you search my oldest posts. Just don't start shit with me, and I'll be the nicest you can ever imagine.
You on the other hand, I'm yet to see it otherwise. Not saying I don't think you have it in you, I think (..hope?) there's a good, calm, friendly side in everyone, but you haven't showed it yet, at least to me.
I know I'm gonna regret having posted this, but fuck it. Who cares.
And Skyfall, get it in your thick skull. You accused me of mocking his looks, and actually claiming no one did it before me, yet I just proved the exact opposite. I never actually called him 'ugly'. I just compared him to other people. Get it in your thick head already. Jesus. Just admit you were wrong about that. I wasn't the one who started, and I sure as hell wasn't the worst to do it.
Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Cat, you should find NoyK and set his ovaries on fire.

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