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Re: How bad is WWE currently?

From one of my earlier posts:

Every week I keep finding excuses to tune in. Every week I think this is the week we'll see a Rock return/Nexus debut/Punk promo/2011 MITB/night after Wrestlemania 28 like moment that will give me hope that change is upon the horizon. But that is all they eventually turn out to be - just moments. I'm simply kidding myself if I believe these are catalysts for change. WWE doesn't care about change. They don't care about taking risks, and why should they? As long as their pockets stay full, all they care about is following the status quo, blindly appeasing to as many demographics as possible without any sense of vision or direction toward the company's future.

With each and every passing week, especially with the conversion to 3 hour programming, I'm finding it harder and harder to stay up to date. With each and every passing week, I wonder why I even tune it at all. Force of habit? Nothing else on? Storylines are illogical. The booking is laughable. The superstars, while talented, don't inspire me to care. Cookie cutter good guys. Cookie cutter bad guys. Cartoonish gimmicks with no depth whatsoever. Matches booked just for the sake of filling up time. Where is the sense of rivalry? What inner motives do these competitors have to face one another, and what is the incentive of the fans to watch them?

There is no ultimate goal. There is no buildup to something other than to hype an inevitable PPV match, then it's rinse and repeat. Nowadays, the biggest draws for the company are former superstars that show up once every few months. Do they serve a bigger purpose in a storyline? No, they are simply there to draw. More money in WWE's pockets. More money to spend on useless expansions. More excuses for fans to get suckered in and replenish their spendings. It's a never ending cycle.

Everyone wants to speculate as to what era we are in. The truth is there is no era. It's a clusterfuck of shallow, unorganized, undeveloped, discombobulated ideas thrown together with hopes of appealing to as many casual fans as possible in an effort to exploit the evolving technology that is social media. In times past, I may have been frustrated with the way a certain episode ended. I would tell myself I'm never watching WWE again, foolishly thinking that my boycott will make a difference, and the following week I'm right back to my old habits, never learning my lesson. Now that I see this company for what it truly is, it will be a while before I make that mistake again.
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