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Re: Posters whose jimmies you've rustled

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
you asked gently haha okay there bud, and yeah the only thing i rememberd from you was that you had a pic of that young girl, and sure were on line right now but i only go on when im either at work or bored, im not on here all the time, as u can tell i only have 2,000 or so posts and ive been here since 2008, so me saying i have a life make sense, i never said my life is better then yours or more intresting but if your on here alot then clearly you have no life( that goes for all posters not just you, so no its not a personal attack) and am i suppose to be this police douchey guy, thats really funny bro you should be a comedian.
Correction. PC police douchey guy. Posts mean shit because first of all the posts in the rants or other sections doesn't count and second, only because you have here only 2000 posts in 4 years doesn't mean that you don't post regularly in other forums. You could also play World of Warcraft all the time and maybe that is the reason why you have only 2000 posts here.

The point is you can not come here and post "I have a life because I post here only when I am at work or bored but the other guys post here because they have no life" because you have no evidences just like I have no evidences how your life looks.

Notice, this is only my response. You started it with "I have a life", post counts and join dates because this is the best you can come up with. Just like some users "LOL IWC IZ SO STUPIDZ" but they are also a part of. Very weak and I expected better, even from you and that says a lot
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