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Re: Posters whose jimmies you've rustled

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
You're a fucktard. Rustling jimmies is not attacking someone out of blue like you did with that thread. Rustling jimmies happens spontaneous in a conversation not the forced shit you do all the time.
You even apolgized to me because of that thread and we haven't communicated with each other for 4 months until the Amanda Todd thread and then you acted like we have beef all the time here.
I bet if we are still here in 2062 and we have an argument about robots and aliens you will say I am butthurt because of a thread 50 years ago.
You still think I am butthurt because of this thread because I called you out 4 months later among 20 other people.
I called you a saint and that means the jimmies are rustled? I called you a saint simply because you acted like a saint, because you are a personification of the current douchy PC society.

Everything looks so forced and fake when you post just like your attempts of starting arguments.
Look at your posts in this thread. You post that no posters come to your mind. And when GOON asks you how come that you are 4 years on this forum and there is no user you respond "mmmmkay maybe this one and that one and this one and that one and few other users but only maybe mmmmkay"
You have no idea what you post, am I right? What the hell is wrong with you?
Obviously rustled, Jimmy.

See what I did there?

All Hail the King
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