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Re: Posters whose jimmies you've rustled

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
actually i apoligized and then you said something about my grandmother i have it in my inbox if you forget, the amanda todd thing yah, i had an opinion and you didn't agree so you made a thread, also i never really start shit with anyone actually, and i won't be on this site in 2 years let alone 50( i know your just assuming) and sure i didn't remember right away what "jimmies i rustled" but i have a life and i don't tend to remember shit thats not important. But since you are so loved on this site, you should tell me what i am moron or anything you want, i don't really give a shit about this site, its fun and its cool to argue but apparently, i should be polite right bro.
I said that about your grandmother because you said that I would like to fuck little 4y old girls and I only asked gently if you can rent your grandma to prove you wrong because she is full-aged.
And if you had a problem with the grandmother comments, you did nothing 4 months ago so why is it now a big deal?
You look like somebody who needs to bring up things that happened months ago because he has no arguments to defend his current actions.
And it's great that you have a life, the only problem is that this "I have a life" is overused to death zillion times and because of that you look butthurt because you need to come with this "I have a life" line.
You and me are online in this forum at the same time so what makes you also think that your life is more exciting and that you have to tell me that you have a life?
And if you have a life and don't remember shit on the internet that is not important why do you claim something you can not remember if it's true or not?
Apparently you can remember threads made 4 months ago nobody else remembers it and that I was the one who responded so that means that you remember shit that is not important.

And I never tried to be popular on this site, I only try not to look like the PC Police Officer Douchey McDouche telling people what is appropriate to post and lying about them
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