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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

I'm 18 and weigh 13 stone, reasonably shredded, BF around 10 I'd say. When I was 16 I used to be 16 stone!! My problem was, I'd eat garbage then smash the weights with big rests in between with absolutely no cardio... So, I put on fat and muscle. Diet was all wrong, protein was wrong, carbs was wrong, fats as wrong. The hardest part for was sorting my diet out, but after I did that my gym work was easier. I lost a hell of a lot of fat after I was more disciplined. I wasn't concerned with bulking or cutting, just got in the gym, built some nice lean muscle with 12-15 reps and hit the cardio. Used to be 40 mins cardio, one hour weights, finishing with 20 mins light cardio. Rounding off to two hours... I still do around the same routine but sometimes kick out the cardio or change it when I get bored. The problem is with working out is that people always tend to 'know best' when it comes to it but really there is no 'best way'. Diet, cardio and weight training is the only way you'll get results regardless if you wanna lose fat or gain muscle. Just sometimes you'll have to do more of one and less of the other. But yeah! That's my story. Gym 4 times a week, I tend to eat what on I want on rest days and not worry too much, long as you hit dat cardio . Also, I despise people who boast about how much they can lift. Look at Kai Greene's work outs, always reasonable weights with reasonable reps. He's not interesting in squatting 600 pounds because he knows it has absolutely NO benefit for him unless he strength trains which he doesn't... Don't care what other people say about you, lift an easy weight and work your way up.

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