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***Good Guideline For Ranting Ranters***

During my time on this wonderful site I have read many different rants and have come to the conclusion that most people who make them are not very good at it so I have come up with this rant guideline to help future ranters make their rant threads good.


Mr. Fluffykins' Guide To Making A Successful Rant

1. Come up with a catchy title: The first thing somebody will see when they find your rant is the title. You will want to draw them in with a catch or witty title. Try to use things like alteration to make it stand out. Make sure that the topic of the rant is clearly stated in a short and simple way.

2. When typing, don't use caps for everything:
Rants that are in all caps do not look good. They are sloppy, big, annoying and makes you look dumb. Just because you are angry, doesn't mean posting it in all caps will make your point sound any better.

3. Try to use specific examples when referring to a person:
If you are ranting about a user here or another person, use a specific quote, saying or thing they did to help support the main point of the rant. This will help people to better understand what you are saying if they don't know what you mean.

4. Do not type one gigantic paragraph: Don't type a huge piece of text in one paragraph. It is messy and annoying to read. Try to separate your thoughts into multiple paragraphs or groups. This is to help us the readers, read it.

5. Add color,bold,underline,italics,etc.:
A thread that has colorful text, smilies , and other cool things will look better and are more enjoyable than a bland one. People like colorful things and diversity in the text so it would be better with these things. Sometimes, adding them makes your point stand out.

6. No eyesores:
If you are posting using color, avoid things like yellow, white and other colors that are too bright and are not only hard to see but they hurt peoples eyes too see. Try a darker color like blue or red. If it is hard to read or annoying to, people won't read it.

7. Spell Check:
Try to keep the grammatical errors low. It is okay to mess up a couple of times but if you mess up a lot, people will just post your error and laugh. Nobody will take a thread seriously with many spelling and grammar errors.

8.Stay Consistent: You want to stay consistent throughout the thread. What this meand is that don't go through most of the post with everything one color and one font and at the end make everything really big, a new font and a new color. It doesn't look right and is a bad ides.

9. Don't make the text too big: Having text in size 5,6 or 7 may sound like a good idea but it is not. It will just make everything look too big and it will be a hassle to read. Use between 2 and 4 for size unless it is only one or two words.

10. Make your point understandable: When making your rant you should make sure that by the end of the post, people will understand what the post was about. A confusing rant with a point hard to identify will not work well. Nobody will know what you are talking about and they won't care either.

11.No "I hate you all" or "I'm done" threads: If you really hate everybody on the site, don't post. If you are making a rant saying how much you hate everybody and are leaving, then don't make one. If you hate us that much, why waste your time making a rant. Just leave and never come back.

12.Don't be a copycat: If you copy a past rant or look at the classic rants to try to copy one, people will realize and say it. Be original and creative in your rant. The only exception is a remake of a thread such as: "The *Memories* Thread 2" or "The *jobbers* Thread 2".

13.Don't extend the page: Do not post a large picture that will widen the page. Threads like this are annoying. People do not like pages extended and it will only aggregate people. Do not do this.

If you follow these rules, you can potentiality make a good rant.

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