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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Smackdown Review

I've been meaning to review this thread for a while, I feel like this time period was a massive wasted opportunity and led to a disappointing Mania. I'm hoping you you do a good job with it. I'll be reading. Anyway here is my first Smackdown Review.

I like the recap format. Short, simple, and to the point. Nice opening segment. Edge listing off all of his big wins was good because it made Cody look strong being brought in the same conversation as a John Cena, Undertaker, or Batista. Cody came out and got his in. I liked his character a lot around this time so I'm glad he's getting some main event exposure even though he won't win. And of course it wouldn't be a Smackdown opening segment if Teddy Long didn't come out and make a match. Pick your poison should be fun.

I like the idea of Superstars having to impress Teddy to get in the Rumble and I like the idea of Beth actively trying to get in. I think that is the first time we've ever seen that in BTB or honestly in a while in WWE. I liked how Beth was treated as a man because the way Kaval beat her down was damn good. Nice match

Rhodes and Big Show backstage, I hate face Big Show so hopefully he gets paired with Kane or turned soon. Either way still interested in who Cody picks to face Edge. I want more segments like this

I hope Drew destroys Barretta. McIntyre at least has some character.

Nice match for Show to stay strong, not much else to say about it. As it appears he's waiting on Cody Rhodes or hopefully turning.

Two more pick you poison segments. I like these. Edge's by far more serious with Master, I doubt he'll be the guy but it makes him look good. I lol'd at the Cody segment. It really gets over that no one likes him and wants to fight for him. I'm really interested to see whose gonna face Edge.

Rey Mysterio! Good choice considering he really has nothing else going on right now (Where's Alberto Del Rio btw) Glad Cody got the clean win over Rey it makes him look really strong going foward to the Rumble. Still waiting on Edge's opponent.

A nice sounding Kane segment. Please keep him heel, I didn't like the kind of random of face turn he got after the most brutal heel run in a while. I see him posing a threat in the Rumble before he getting knocked out by a lot of men at the same time.

I like the Kelly element of this Drew-Trent storyline. She's such a slut and it works. I hope she betrays Trent though. Drew > Trent

YES! YES! YES! YES! McIntyre looked a beast here. That was always won of the problems with how they booked him IRL. He was talked about as a future world champion, choosen one etc. And they never did anything to make him look like that. This was good with heel Kelly. AJ to the rescue! I hope Drew moves on past Trent and we just get Kelly vs. AJ instead of a mixed tag feud. I never really enjoyed those.

Lol "The Mask". This was obviously Rhodes the whole time but I loved it. Classic old school heel move to get one over Edge with the DQ and the beatdown after the match. Rhodes stands tall at the end again. This was a great way to end the show. Not only do I like Rhodes character here, wormy, sneaky, old school heel. You're making him look like a real threat to Edge which is hard to do consider, Edge just beat a monster in a Last Man Standing Match. How would anyone threaten him? Well Rhodes is doing a nice job.

Nice show, I'll definitely read more. The progression to the Rumble looked good. Edge-Cody is turning into a sweet feud that is making Rhodes into a star even if he fails to get the belt. Keep up the good work with these characters because they made for a good show. I'll be sure to be back and review again
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