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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

First Impact Review:

Good opening promo, with TNA finally getting one over on WWE, lifting the nWo copyrights and trademarks. Vince must be livid! This is a good swerve of the swerve, with Hogan not joining the nWo. HH then does a good job asserting his authority. TNA lacks this at times, and it seems that no one is in charge.

Good opening match, following the old Nitro gameplan of a cruiserweight match first to set the tone. Kaz vs Daniels is an old hat, but TNA needs good matches AND good mic work to move forward. Kaz and Daniels do both. Not sure why Kaz showboated at Daniels, makes him seem like a cocky asshole, and not a face.

backstage, making the nWo a little too much of the story lines already. This shows that they are frustrated, but i think its too early for that. They haven't done anything yet. No matches, no real promos, no interference. nWo doesn't matter squat yet.

Team 3D putting over Beer Money Inc is solid. Team 3B needs to be making guys look good and building the tag teams up. If they win the Tag Straps along the way, it wont seem unfair since they are always battling top teams, and they are willing to make anyone look great.

Love the MCMG's promo, and the fact London and Kendrick (who were always held back a bit in WWE) tell them to stop whining. Hopefully this feud leads to some great matches, and eventually tag gold. London and Kendrick need to be called "Hooliganz" like they wanted in WWE, but Vince hated. I think its a decent name for them. Londrick is a boring name.

Raven's promo was pretty solid, and spot on character wise. The match... uh, are regular matches no dq. Why would Abyss put down thumbtacks? past animosity? just because he's Abyss?

Don't really care about the Knockouts, but hopefully Hogan has a real plan. Natty is a good signing, and she brings a "name" but the Knockouts need more than a few wrestlers to "revolutionize womens wrestling" or whatever Hogan said.
-still too much nWo/Hogan stuff. Feel like this is for much later in the feud. Hogan being pushed by Bischoff shows desperation, and that wasn't what the nWo was about.

Foley as interviewer?! is he desperate for money? He can help put guys over through this, and talk up faces and make heels look bad. Steiner plays a typical heel, Angle sounds like a generic moron. probably sets up a feud for later. Steiner can screw Angle in the next round. These two could have decent matches.

Mystico can do a good job of building that xdivision, and bring in some kids for merch and tickets. Kids love the masks, and so did Bischoff. He'll have him wrestling as Luis Urive in no time.

World Title... wait, what? Why wasn't this hyped? How were these guys picked? TNA is bad, but this is beyond them. Even though both are faces, Hardy-Styles can be a solid match at a PPV. I dont see how this makes any sense. Isn't this Hardy's first match in TNA? Styles i can understand, but Hardy needs to earn it. There wasn't a peep about it and then boom, World Title match.

Overall good show, you just need to pay attention to details. The readers don't know what youre thinking so you need to be clear. Your backstory is incredible and attention grabbing. TNA needs someone like Prokhorov to make the changes needed to succeed: moving out of the Impact Zone, better production etc.

I will review the other two shows as soon as I have time (my BTB of WCW 1998 is taking way too long since Nitro changed to 3 hours!) and I'll definitely be following, Good Luck

Cheers, Bro!


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